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      A Premonition About My Ex-Fiance'?

      My ex-fiance' broke up with me 2 months ago. It was the hardest experience of my life and I'm still fucked up over it...and I still love her. I tried pulling an all-nighter last night, but ended up falling asleep a little after 11:30 a.m. I then dreamt of looking at my Facebook and my ex sent me some sort of game request and a short one-lined message with it, calling me "Talos", like the Hero God from the Elder Scrolls video game series. It's also funny that she was able to do this, because in reality, she unfriended me on Facebook, but anyways. I started flipping out and became deathly nervous, because somehow (that I don't remember) I discovered that she was going to attend the nightclub that I work at. For some reason, I was already at said club when all of this was going on and I looked over at my friend Steve, who was right next to me for some odd reason, and told him about it, saying "I don't what to do, bro, I definitely don't look good enough to dance in this shit.", pointing out the casual clothes I had on. Seemingly out of nowhere, Steve hands me a big plastic bag, holding dress pants, shirt, tie, the works; all colored with a sequence of black, red and white -- my three favorite colors. I had then awakened and it was past 5 o'clock in the after-friggin'-noon. lol
      Can anyone out there tell me if this is some sort of premonition or at least interpret this dream for me? I'm desperately looking for answers and truly wonder what the Universe is trying to tell me.

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      Personally, I don't think there is a connection. You broke up recently and are still in love with her so she is in your mind, and therefore your dreams.

      I also very much doubt it is a premonition, but these are my opinions!
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