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      best book on dream yoga?

      i've read tenzin wangyal rinpoche "tibetan yogas of dream and sleep" already and thoroughly enjoyed it. is there a better one? or any others i should read?

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      I have trouble getting into all of the books on Dream Yoga that I have looked at. I guess it seems like they are trying to fill pages with basic Buddhist ideas to stretch out the material into a whole book. I am teach dream yoga in the DVA section if you want to check that out. I have to admit that I have not finished any of the books I bought when I started the class. I figured maybe these authors had learned it different than I had, but I can't help getting bored with the writing style, and the way it is so drug out.

      However, if someone wanted me to write a whole book, I would have to drag out all the ideas and go on about basic Buddhist ideas, because how else would I fill hundreds of pages?
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