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    Thread: Slight adjustment to climbing rope technique.

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      Slight adjustment to climbing rope technique.

      Apparently there are some who use the rope climbing technique to attain a lucid, or out of body state.
      Call the destination by any name you wish. That is not what this topic was started for.

      This is often called a WILD method, but that would depend when this method is used.
      If used from a dream state, it may carry a different description.

      I had only heard about the method through DV postings, and tried it for myself.
      The main problem was imagining that my hands were climbing the rope in front of me.
      Another was that static objects are far more difficult to visualise than anything else.
      I can imagine a flock of birds flying, but seeing one sat still is more difficult ( For me anyway )
      So when I tried to imagine a static rope before me there was little success. My mind would wander off elsewhere, as the boredom set in.
      Plus the thought of lifting myself out of my body seemed a little too much for my astral muscles to achieve.

      The breakthrough came when I imagined the rope starting to move away from me.
      A much more lively situation that kept my attention a little better.
      I could now hold onto the rope, and it would pull me out of my body, and into the astral realm ( Or wherever you think you go )
      On the odd occasion where the rope trick would not quite work, I tied knots into it, every few feet.
      Then when the bumps in the rope reached my hands, I would get a little tug. This vastly improved the technique.
      This technique worked very well for me, and should help a few others on the path to Lucidity.

      If you are having problems using one of the other standardised methods listed on DV, then why not change something yourself.
      I am here to give suggestions, or advice. As are many others on DV

      Thanks for reading,

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      Thanks for posting this. I keep forgetting about trying the rope technique.

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