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    Thread: Am I close to astral projecting?

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      Am I close to astral projecting?

      SO when I relax, the first thing that seems to occur is not being able to feel that my hands are on my bed, but i could still move and stuff. Then I hear a very faint ringing noise, and then feel tingling on my hands, and usually only there. And no where else on my body. After that I sometimes feel like my bed is rotating or moving, it's weird so I don't know what that's supposed to mean. Thats what usually happens when I try it out, but today after I couldn't feel my hands and the tingling happened, I felt this really hard pressure on my chest like needles going into me, and it was hard to breathe and my heart was beating like really fast, but I wasn't scared or anything, so what does that mean? And after the pressure from my chest went away, both of my hands were lifting but my physical hands were still on my legs, so I decided to lift my astral hands and it soon went higher, but then all of a sudden they were my physical hands, that triggered to having me to get up I was up.

      SO what happened here? Cause I never felt any vibrations (unless the ones on my chest was it, but it went away afterwards), so how do you explain this, and what can I do to succeed furthermore if I am doing anything wrong? (And I know I wasn't paralyzed, I mean I don't think I was).

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      Hmm. It"s hard to say. I dont get intense vibrations most of the time, but many people say that they do just before they travel. I seem to skip the often times terrifying pull out of the body thing. Some people say it is exhausting also, but I never experience that either. Mostly its exhilarating and just phenomenal to me.
      My best advice is to do some cleansing meditations before you do it again, then do your relaxation/ breathing routine.
      I do get numbness especially in my hands and back, but that's just the blood flow changing when you meditate, so dont worry there. yeah, I would say you are close, just do cleansing before and do not let those feelings of discomfort interrupt your mind. keep a blank mind is what I was always taught.

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      I would say yes. If your body is relaxed, without moving... and you can move your hands(second, astral hands) then you are partially separated... you need to make movements larger. To extend movements on whole body. Till you fully separate.

      Feelings are diverse... I'm not sure how necessary it is to feel vibrations(I felt them only if I forced something too much. For example, if I force separation and I'm not yet in the right state of body and mind. I felt vibrations and electricity danced on my hands when I tried to force energy to my friend, to tune her on my level... or other things like going through wall...) When I separate, I feel like I'm held by body... but that feeling is fading as I move away. Sometimes I feel during separation nothing. Sometimes I fall out of my body- then I feel only falling.
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