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    Thread: Can I see GOD ? Experiment

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      Lightbulb Can I see GOD ? Experiment

      In the physical world they always say you can't see god and you can see him in his creation and stuff like that. But since lucid dreaming is a totally different world this experiment will definitely have some interesting results and i think that's the ultimate spiritual experience , like the holly grail of lucid dreaming
      The Experiment :
      After you get lucid you ask the dream with a loud and sure voice (CAN I SEE GOD ?) and see what happens if you get no response create a dream figure and ask the same question again and report what you see and hear . You'l be like reporters from another world .
      I personally tried it one time and the response was that i was forcefully sucked up and up and up until the dream collapsed ( my lucid dreams are rarely long enough to do anything )
      Waiting on my toes to see your results in your quest to find GOD .Seeing-God-300x199.jpg
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      Great idea! I wonder what different things we can come up with.

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      What if you say, "CAN I SEE GOD?" and literally nothing changes or happens? Does it mean God does not exist? Or is it meant to imply that you, your surroundings, and everything are God? It may seem like God should be a singular unit/entity, however I don't think there is anything anyone can really say about their ideas on God's "appearance" because no one has seen Him.

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