Hello there.

In most of my exercises, doesn't matter if they're the Gateway Experience or Binaural music, or simply laying down in bed concentrating, I can feel what I think it's called the Third Eye. The center of my forehead gets "loaded" with pressure, and sometimes it's a nice sensation of tingling and other times, it almost hurts.

I have yet to achieve any conscious and rememberable experience, LD or AP, but this effect seems to be a constant when I try anything. I can even induce it by myself just sitting or even right now as I write these lines (word).

What is it? How is it used? For what? Im supposed to "leave" through it? See things? I had it for years, since I started reading about AP a long time ago, but nothing has been done (at least consciously) with it.

Im trying to analyze myself and my efforts today, because after several dreams last night (I remember the feeling of being at least 4 different!) I cannot remember any single one of them, and I have a pretty noticeable downer today.

Thank you all very much.