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      Would like to contact someone in their sleep.....

      .... or something.

      A little about myself first. I've had very detailed dreams since I was a little kid. Always in color. I've flown in dreams as well. When I was younger I would often be running away from something (that slow can't get out of your own way run) and then realize gee, I can fly and it's so much easier. I can actually feel myself lift into the air, but now that I think of it, I'm not sure I can feel myself land. I just float around for a bit. Sometimes I feel like I've gotten way too high but it always ends up ok. I've had a flying dream as recently as last week (I'm in my late 40s) but sometimes years have gone by without me doing it (or knowing of it).

      As a kid a specifically remember 1-2 times of falling asleep and continuing a dream from the night before.

      I have had dreams in the last few years especially where I can feel someone touch me, dreams where I was talking to someone and absolutely convinced I was awake. To the point where I where I'd be saying to myself in the dream "Am I dreaming or awake?", and think about it, decide I was awake, and then of course be disappointed when I discovered I was actually having an incredibly vivid dream. I'm sure I've had them most of my life but I feel they'd become either more frequent or more vivid in the last 4-5 years. Once, about 10 years ago I had woken up early to go to the gym and then apparently dozed off, but did my entire workout in my head and was quite disappointed to discover I was still in bed, now without the time to do any workout.

      Here is my current dilemma. I have a friend who has offered to do some work for me. We each needed to take some steps in order for this to happen and I believe all the steps have been taken, except for them contacting me to say "now is the time". I know - why don't I just get in touch with them and ask?! Well, I hate bugging people. Huge fault of mine I guess. And a few months ago when we first started the process, things seemed to be moving along and they fell off the face of the earth for weeks. Turns out they were busy and had actually been reading my notifications on their phone screen but never went in to read the entire message or to actually get back to me. I had an excuse to see them at work at that time but it would be a reach to do that now. Since then, they have contacted me a couple of times and we've each done what I think are the final pieces prior to the actual job. Last contact though was about 6 weeks ago, initiated by them.

      I have had some vivid touch/conversation dreams about this person so I do believe we are connected in some way, but we don't have an opportunity to spend time together on a regular basis.

      Last week, before dropping off to sleep, I put out there that I'd like them to contact me about the work. I have not heard anything yet, BUT I had sent some info off to them about 3 weeks prior (completely different topic) that was read that very night, probably within 15 minutes of my request. The next day I learned of a crisis close to them which is probably affecting them so again, I'm trying not to be pushy but I'd like to know if I need to move forward with this job with someone else.

      My questions are - is there a specific name for what I'm trying to do?
      Am I doing things the right way?
      Is there hope this will actually work??

      I was really at the point where I was ready to contact them directly but when I learned of the current issue near them I decided to back off. I just felt it would be too insensitive to inquire at this time, though maybe next week would be ok.

      I can't remember how hard I'd been thinking about the job at the last time of contact, but was pretty amazed to see the read message after last weeks attempt - unfortunately it was about something so different that it's not going to get me anywhere in my quest.

      Thank you for any insight or directions you can give me!

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      A thought hit me the other night - perhaps it's this person who is contacting me while I sleep, not the other way around. Any touch sensation I've had has been initiated by them, not by me. A hug, them walking up behind me and touching me to get my attention etc.

      Could it work either way? I am the one contacting them, yet they are the ones initiating physical touch?

      Or is it more likely they are contacting me if they are initiating physical touch?

      I find this to be such a fascinating topic and would love to learn more about it!

      I have not gotten anywhere in my quest to have them contact me this week, so I will likely have to reach out next week on my own.
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