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    Thread: Seeing sizzling energy in a dream

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      Seeing sizzling energy in a dream

      In a recent dream I entered an office, where the carpet was sizzling with energy - tiny sparks were emitted all over the place. This surprised me considerably, and I returned to the neighbouring office, where there was an ordinary carpet. At this point I became lucid and returned to the office with the "electric" carpet, and it was sizzling as much as before - it seemed firmly alive.

      I don't recall ever having seen anything like it in a dream.

      Then yesterday I read in Carlos Castanedas book "The art of dreaming" of how different things have different types of energy, and that "foreign" energy, i.e. not from our universe, has an electric kind of appearance - whereas home grown objects have a rather wavy look.

      It is certainly enough to make me think ...

      Has anyone else had experience with oddly "electric" looking objects in dreams?
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      So ... is this the real universe, or is it just a preliminary study?

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      I have not. But I also had someone say that "Knowing" in the dream. Simply inquiring/ setting intent to demand information or details about the symbols/archetypes. Hard to explain but it sounds very easy. It allows one to "know" what it is. When you encounter it. Thought it's a useful tip for folks or reminder for you to inquire knowledge inside the dream.

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