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    Thread: Unique/spiritual dream?

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      Unique/spiritual dream?

      Hey New member here... I have had several lucid dreams in the past year since I first started trying. usually they are short but the first one I had while trying was very long and intricate and very vivid and I had complete control of this other world it felt like. After that I was hooked on the deeper side to dreaming. Anyways that little backstory aside here is why I joined and started this thread.

      The other night I had a completely new and different kind of dream that wasn't lucid till right near the end and I woke up but it was a short and very powerful dream that I knew when I woke up I would never forget. It started when I was outside of my friends house and it was the middle of the night and the sky was all cloudy and then thunder started and progressively got louder and more intense and frequent but there was no rain or lightning. I got very scared and ran into the front of the house and in the distance I saw an explosion and smoke and in that moment I went back outside and I just spun around and I heard a voice clear as day say "don't be scared, see what you want to see" and then I looked up and the sky was all clear and full of stars everywhere and I gazed around and saw 5 or 6 really bright ones clustered together right above me and as I looked at them they united to one big bright star or light about the size of the sun but still looked like one big star and then I just started soaring directly up at it and could hear my breathing in real life going very fast and panicked and everything was shaking and right then I knew I was dreaming and felt immense contentment and then I woke up but I felt almost as if I chose to wake up right then.

      Anyways it was a very interesting experience that was wondering if anyone on here had any thoughts or opinions on... Have never heard a voice in my dream before either which also made it stand out to me. I also went back to bed after this dream asit was around 6:30 am and had a full lucid dream but that one is very foggy in my memory now.
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      Maybe it was the voice of your Dream Guide. Try and go there, to that star.
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