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    Thread: Lucid Dreaming With Others - Lost Knowledge

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      Lucid Dreaming With Others - Lost Knowledge

      Ok.. Lemme take a stab at this lol. This is my first post here besides introducing myself so bare with me.

      In the past I've tried to have Lucid dreams and failed. I gave up after a little while and forgot about it. 2 nights ago I had my first very very short lucid dream. I am pretty sure you'd call it a DEILD? Basically, I was having a dream that I was at a rave and I met this chick that was all into music. I woke up from this dream but I soooo wanted to finish the dream I immediately went back to sleep and got back in the dream, I've done that a bunch of times but never had it become a lucid dream. This time, I go back into the dream and it's still a regular dream but something feels different and I can't put my finger on it. It starts to feel as if I'm being yanked from the dream, and so I ask the girl I met at the rave for her name. She gives me a name and I try to shout mine, then I realize that I was just in control of what I said and the second I realize it I wake up. I remember the girls name, it's not a common name or anything.. Kinda unique actually. I look on facebook, turns out, there's a girl by that name in another state who's photo resembles the dream girl, she's a rave promotor and we have 0 mutual friends. There's no way we ever could have met before, no way I'd have seen her on facebook since we're not in any of the same groups and have no mutual friends. This brings me to the idea that some of the DCs we encounter may be creations of our own mind, but other DCs we encounter are other people somewhere else dreaming at the same time.

      I see the fact that she closely resembled the dream girl but not completely as a sign that I'm seeing the way this person projected herself into the dream world. Now my theory is that the dream world is a sort of network of higher consciousness that we all log into every time we dream. People who can reach lucid dreaming through meditation, tai chi, yoga ect can log onto this network at an even higher level. It's said that the theory of relativity by Einstein was from a lucid dream as were many of Tesla's projects. I think that at higher levels of Lucid Dreaming, you can access a knowledge that only a few have been able to access.

      Now that being said.. If any of this is true, then can we start a lucid dream, and then find another person who's sleeping (logged in but not conscious of it), and give them a DILD, essentially awakening others to this higher level of consciousness? If this is true, aren't we obligated to help awaken as many people as we can in order to help our species evolve and ascend to higher consciousness?

      Also, Is it possible to plan to WILD at the same time as a fellow lucid dreamer, say have your alarms sync'd up to begin the WILD process at the same time one night, and both of you prior, plan to meet up at a certain location in the dream world. Maybe a dream world that you both construct while you're awake, and create within the WILD hoping to merge your dreams. Or maybe, One lucid dreamer tells the other lucid dreamer to find his lucid dream by telling them for instance "I'm going to create a grassy plain surrounded on all sides by thick forests, and in the center of this large grassy plane there will be a huge tree with an amazing treehouse. I'll be inside." and the other lucid dreamer, consciously try to find that place, enter the treehouse, and find his lucid dreaming friend? Then, upon waking up, contact each other and see what you both remember. Do you remember each other? Did you each just create a projection of your friend in your own mind or did you find the actual consciousness of your friend in the dream world? If this can be done, It can be proven. If it can be Proven then that's a big step in the right direction for mankind. The way it could be proven I would say something like maybe a pin code, kinda like when you get a text message confirmation, but the pin code must be given through the lucid dream. Have a 3rd and 4th party, one present with each lucid dreamer, or a 3rd party present if both lucid dreamers are in the same room. They can monitor the process to ensure that the passcode was not given during being awake, and thus concluding the only way possible the key code could have been passed to the other person was that they were legitimately interacting with each other in this other world, this other operating system in our brains.. This experiment could be replicated a number of times until there was conclusive evidence to prove the theory. Thoughts?

      Can't wait to see what you guys think about this, I'm really hoping I posted this in the right category.

      Ttyl Guys

      -Cole Minor
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      Hmm...it could be coincidence or that you saw her page before but don't remember. But ruling out those possibilities maybe it was a shared dream. For me I would get some dreams that had a connection to others dreams in a way but its subtle. Like a hint of something similar that vanishes in a bit. I dont think were obliged to help others share dreams though. Feels like something unnecessary which is probably why it doesn't happen often. Although it does sound like fun to share dream.
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