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    Thread: The Chaosphere of Kukulkan

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      The Chaosphere of Kukulkan

      this is magick
      Waking Nomad, Greater Monk ov Khaos hath placed a Hovering Chaosphere atop the Pyramid of the Jaguar at on the Dream Earth.

      This is a hub on Earth for Dream Mages and Lucid Dreamers to meet in the Dream World, and go have adventures.

      Here is how to get there:

      As you fall asleep, visualize a flat circle with arrows coming out of it. Then, make it 3D. Say,"Kallisti" over and over again quietly until your lips are too tired to move. As soon as the chaosphere gets 3D, you should be in sleep paralysis. Grab the two arrow shafts and yank yourself into the dream. If you are in SP, you will move only your dream arms.

      If you find yourself in a dream and desire to go to Chaosphere of Kukulkan, find or summon a chaosphere. Make it 3D, about the size of a basketball floating in the air in front of you. Grab two of the arrow shafts coming out of the sides, and say, "Kallisti!"

      The Chaosphere floats atop a marble pedestal. Once you teleport to the Temple, you will be surrounded by 8 different standing mirrors that are portals to different worlds. You may go through a portal, or explore the area.

      The Portals:

      1: The Town Square of Denn

      2: The Great Pyramids at Giza

      3: The Biodome on the Green Moon

      4: The Temple of Nothing on the Green Moon

      5: The Dream Warrior Planet

      6: Inner Earth

      7: The Hall of Fantastic Terrors on Asteroid Q10

      8: The Temple of Khaos at the Center of the Universe

      Enjoy your dreams
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      The Most fun loving member on DV

      For all those new to DreamViews.

      Here is our veteran mutual dreamer WakingNomad

      Here is his 2nd

      Shared Dreaming Class: Lucidity

      Uploaded on Sep 22, 2010

      Shared Dreaming Class Video Lecture #2: Lucidity


      ♥(6:26) 970view

      Quote Originally Posted by EbbTide000 View Post


      Here is WakingNomad's 1st mutual dreaming Youtube.

      Shared Dreaming Lecture #1: Dream Plane Theory and Recall - YouTube
      Shared Dreaming Lecture #1: Dream Plane Theory and Recall

      It was uploaded 8th of September 2010, old but good to listen too

      I love this next one so I will transcribe, print-put and do it. Thanx Waking Nomad:


      Hello O-ri-no-raughtís

      And welcome to Shared Dreaming Class, video lecture number 2 LUCIDITY!

      How do I do a wake induced lucid dream, (WILD).
      How do I do a dream induced lucid dream, (DILD). You may ask.

      Well, there are plenty of good f#\!/#g tutorials on DreamViews.com so go read those but to sum-up, a wake induced lucid dream, you go from being awake to going asleep, maintaining your lucidity. And I suck at that technique so donít ask me how to do it.


      Dream Induced Lucid Dream

      Youíre in the dream already and then you realize itís a dream. You may see something funny like a giraffe humping a rainbow zebra with the face of your mum. Then you say to yourself, ďThatís really strange, hmmm, maybe itís a dreamĒ Now, what should you do once you realise youíre dreaming?


      Donít be like me and get so excited and wake-up. Try to stay in the dream. Thatís what I am working on.


      Now, let me teach you about a concept you may not have heard of.


      Lucid Living (nya, nya, nya, nya, nya)

      Alright, what is lucid living? What does lucidity mean? Anyone? Anyone? Yes you? Correct, lucidity means:



      Be aware of everything

      Be aware of your physical self.
      Be aware of your posture.
      Be aware of your breathe.
      Be aware of your pain.
      Be aware of your pleasure.


      Be aware of what foods make your body feel good and what foods make your body feel bad.
      Be aware of what people make you feel good and what people make you feel bad.

      Be aware of ENERGY and EMOTIONS.
      Be aware of the wind.
      Be aware of the sound of the ground.


      Be aware that you are alive.

      And also, you are not dreaming right now

      Or are you. Or are you. Or are you. Or are you. Why donít you do a reality check?

      Right now do a reality check.

      Am I dreaming?

      Yes, I am dreaming.

      Be aware of the existence of the dream plane. If you think that the dream plane theory is not real why donít you try to explore it and find out for your self.

      Donít be a sheep, break-free from the hive-mind.


      Stop watching TV, (the brainwashing box) and
      Listen to some live music.

      Go see a play

      Act silly in front of someone you have a crush on.
      Stand on your head if you can because you can.

      Will what you want and want what you will and put your will into your action. Live deliberately and decide to do what you do.


      My hands are moving all over the place. Why am I doing this? Maybe because it is really your dream, your dream, your dream
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