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      I have to share a story

      I have dreams/Same dreams of space/I dream I am in space but it is real. I see I am in a moon rock in space and a spaceship comes and transports me to a base. laser line/Quite.
      The base-3km big/White/Gray-They have a machine inside a dna threading machine/Aliens
      My mouth like metal blood. A strange machine. They do something/They send me to earth.
      Good aliens. Smart. The technology is amazing/The computer is nothing compared to what they have and it doesn`t matter.

      I remember them: I see they are really funny and happy and real dangerous, but good actually. Strange lifes in the universe. DNA. and more. Other building blocks. Amazing knowledge.

      1993-A invisable man in my room/Sugar Land Texas
      I see a man he walks through walls/First he walks through my bedroom door/closed and looks at me and then through another door that is also closed.

      2001-My Visions of hell
      1.I see myself falling towards hell/first all black and then lava 7000m down or more
      2. I see myself sitting in a flying machine a ufo a next life/demonicly possesed

      a dream but real/different

      2002-The twin towers fall down
      2 angel towers

      I meet a magic man who seems nice. He plays guitar like me and is cool. Has 200 books on magic. A son of a doctor. They do this. NASA. Future.

      Steinberg Cubase-Music production software-Steinberg Houston mission controller-NASA
      It came out in 2000 ca. I lived in Houston and I didn`t think much of it. But now I know.

      Houston space center/DNA hacking/Sound

      The magic man/doctor tells me to get a book/Called medicine cards/The soundcards/They hack
      Creamware a soundcard I had-Cream in my right hand/masturbation. They wank me for 12 years.

      And my shure microphone/This is how you spell my name. s j..df..Like sure. ur as you see they want to keep it secret.
      They drive me up to the woods/Controlled with dumb and dumber/The trueman Show.. To meet mary.My girlfriend/That came from France. Tear out my heart. Skitown. Like aspen..
      2003-The woods of Norway-

      I ski down hill/gravity/hell
      I have a dream. A man chants like a big latin. superstar black man. and then his wife. Like horror of white death. and a cat jumps on me and eats me. Then my solarplexus vibrates.
      The man and woman is anti christ and the false prophet/The 2 horrable onces. It is actually the doctors who are doing vibration rebirth rituals. NASA.It`s baby ritual/no baby for me and birthday party for someone else to take over the thrown.
      Sound vibration/solarplexus
      The magicman/doctor tells me he has found the 5th element/real suspect he says like a idiot.
      He says: he has a beleif that you can be god in god.

      1. He invites me to his house. Where he tells me I am jesus and my girlfriend is an angel. Who is also living with a tarotlady in France. My Sugar Land Texas friend.

      He tells me I`m from another star system/He says sirus. He doesn`t know the exact place or name.
      He says there are 1,000 of you/beings/Super aliens.

      The doctors! NASA They are into magic/The matrix/LSD/The all/anti christ/And it is all real.
      I see them working around me now. They put books ontop of my akg c214 microphone input label. I think I am shure. The shure microphone.. They know what I think. So they try to cover it.
      They also make sure I don`t have my old shure ksm 32 microphone to keep secret. They are matrix,magic.
      Shure/The martin & co guitar made in nazareth.
      Are you sure/Yes! I am sure...English phrase.
      They know!

      After the ritual I swollow my spearm. Like I was controlled. In a shot glass. The anti rebirth party. Chant/song.
      I meet a lady who offers me a shot of alkoholic milk at the bar.

      Then the mental home /Which is a nasa future/magic/dna lab/spirit lab. Parallel.
      The metal homes is nasa future.into magi and they sit like this. So do you belive cats are magical too. and us. Magical thoughts. thoughts inside the head. it`s nasa future. they coverup as shizo.and play. act. In the future. and all because of drugs. They work hard on it. and they all agree. They work hard on writing/Offical diagnosis. It is all because of hash. A hash psycosis. They coverup like this. At the LAB. Future.

      They preform the indiana jones temple of doom ritual on me/my solarplexus
      E.T. s heart. dressed in white. heart of lava. and nasa.
      jesus in white/alien

      Trueman/CHRIST...of...jesus. je sju s r.
      Loyd/mr. christmas./jesus/dumb and dumber heart scene/kitchen. The Indiana Jones Temple of doom. ritual on jesus.
      Sugar Land express/Sugar Land texas where I lived 1993. greenday/Jesus in suburbia. heart in hand.

      The claw! max

      Black eyed peas-Don`t phunk with my heart voodoo time/heart
      Black eyed peas-Where`s the truth/it`s all covered up the big kkk the cia...them
      the 50 cent ritual/black man.kkk.
      Happy gilmore/chubs right hand/The indiana Jones temple of doom ritual on me jesus

      After the ritual all my firends played 50 cent in da club all day all week. horror. black latin. superstar. like anti christ. super power. superstar. So evil.

      They keyed me with Cubase/NASA
      -They have full control over
      in the future in the past

      The ritual-This is how the sound sounded like
      -I aint into making love
      -I aint into having sex
      -I aint into giving hugs

      A anti rebirth ritual/a hell ritual

      A military attack/The grandson of former chairman of NATO 1977-1980

      NASA knows I am jesus and want it all. They want everything. messia thrown crown. dna.

      2002-Toontrack drums from hell
      Right when I met the witch/son of a doctor I asked which are the best drums now.
      -Sl-----gh--itÝ Norway they came from a place called edwin physciatric center. They do it from the future.

      Some films I had which they used to control me and this
      -the indiana jones temple of doom
      -Dumb & dumber
      -Happy gilmore
      -Solarbabies/the ward and the magic man

      My favoritte films

      I have been tortured for 4500 days now. Chemical torture

      I see my writing it goes back and forth they delete.

      Starving every month/first price food/cheap. No money for gas/welfare which they have kept me on and are still keeping me on. 12 years.

      The torture is undiscribable/terror in my heart/extreme fear

      They send me to hell/parallel to being in hell. downhill gravity.

      2008-A Friend puts on a song/they know about the vision
      He plays dellilos fullstendig oppslukt av frykt-Completly consumed by fear

      It goes like this: Now you sit there again vibrating again completly consumed by fear sitting in a flying machine, longing to my girlfriend in texas.ufo. They control it to happen. NASA. the fear is horror. Unescapable horror.

      1960-Jesus appears at my girlfriends moms apartment/She sees him praying for grandmom/but me

      Where Jesus had appeared
      2003-I visit girlfriends grandmom/She has alzimers

      She keeps saying
      -Your a goodman, That`s a handsome man,That`s a really smart man you need to keep that man,
      You know everything that is why I sent you to New York

      I managed to trick my brother into going to New York with me. Jesus told me to go

      And it`s real!

      2008-Engelen a norwegian film about me...Future..a different story but me, Im the angel/jesus
      The angel/refering to one...angel in Norway...Trueman Show

      The government controlls it like this NASA.

      Terminator 2/The sjurminator in american pie class of 1999. me shurman
      The grandson of the resistance of NATO. My grandfather a former chairman of NATO.
      They spell me with sarah connor and give me a yamaha yz80 like john .I lived in Houston 1993
      The terminator/sjurminator goes to lava/hell at the end. Right hand chip/right hand ritual
      The indiana jones temple of doom ritual. Preformed by the temple/Hospital/Future/LAB

      they keep me all by myself to keep it secret

      They make sure I have no sex and no babies

      -12 year no girlfriends
      -12 years no friends
      -12 years all bills
      -12 years torture/extreme torture

      The bills.It is all controlled by NASA. Future. they trash me. They trash my whole soul and dna.

      NASA also operates on my mom`s back to secure me. They are after jesus christ thrown and dna.

      This is what NASA does to jesus in Norway

      They tell me I am jesus and use it against me/The magic man/doctor..
      When he told it to me I knew it right away. I knew it was all real!
      I have known it since I was 3. pure and smarter than anyone. Beautiful.

      Shure microphone/Martin & co made in Nazareth. So shure is nazareth
      Sherman oaks/of Los ANGEL es/SANTA monica. I lived in Los angels 1984. I`m the golden child.
      Sju..fgh..r and herman in sherman

      T-Shir t/shir
      Shor ts/shor
      shoes /shor

      The T is the cross at the arms and shir is therefor the cross. That is me. In an unawakened state.

      You see it in the name it stands out/wepon dragon and wepon black magic camera.wepon.
      Black and red camera/Cinema cameras out now.

      I see when I think I need to go to town and get a girl. I see I touch my arm. Like my penis. They want me to touch my penis instead of getting a girl.
      I`m the angel in te film/Engelen 2008. Norwegian film. It is all real.
      And they think it`s secret. and I have to say offcoarce it`s jesus.

      They are trying to coverup/please let it be up.

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      You lost me at "1987".

      I honestly have no idea what you're trying to say. The only thing I know for sure is that this doesn't belong in the Dream Control subforum, so...

      *Moved to Beyond Dreaming subforum*
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      It reads like the OP should review and re-adjust medication

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      i was interested, then it was just too garbled.
      ya gwan fok wid de Baron? ye gotta nodda ting comin. (Formerly known as Baking Nomad.)

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