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    Thread: Astral psychic invasion

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      Astral psychic invasion

      I don't know if this is possible but I'm sure this phenomenon is common and people aren't aware of any of it... there can be a lot of ideas that can be logical, I'm intuitive and I've had dreams about dead people not knowing they're dead, mainly it's people I've met or been around like living in a house where someone has died or visiting a house..
      There aren't any reasonable and justifiable reasons as to why I believe that I've experienced or been experiencing psychic invasions or Astral intrusion, when I was younger I used to dream that I'd leave my body and climb on the ceiling and be stuck.. that ended..
      I've been hearing voices of multiple people and demons or whatever you would call them, but negative intrusive things that invade my mind and in dreams I hear them clearly, I call it the devil voice, anyway I've tried going to a church, I've tried having a cleansing I've said prayer countless times. The voice in Satan's voice says I can give you everything you want and you'd want for nothing... then it uses voices of people who I've only seen, it uses the voice of someone I cared about..
      I think this isn't schizophrenia but I could be wrong, maybe I'm not hearing demons and there's no Astral plane.. I don't know but I'd like to give cleansing a try and also talk with someone who could help me... I'd like to know how to prevent this when sage or church doesn't keep this at bay.

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      I think it's best to keep all possibilities open and explore each one to find a solution.

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      I would suggest that you go on the offensive, rather than letting yourself be victimized. The next time you find yourself in that situation, take charge, and command the annoying voices to leave you. Something along the lines of "You are not wanted here - so I forbid you to talk to me! Farewell!" And mentally underline this by being very angry at the same time.

      You have every right to commandeer voices out of your mind - its your mind, and no one else's.
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      So ... is this the real universe, or is it just a preliminary study?

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      Another good idea, I think, is to do your best to not make these voices important.

      Attaching evil identities to random voices in your dreams, like demons, the devil, and Satan, only amplifies their disturbing presence. Regardless of what words they might say, these voices could simply be your unconscious adding sounds in a haphazard manner, and bear no meaning or ill-intent at all -- until you start expecting them to do so by assuming that the sounds are actually intrusions by evil beings. The same goes for thinking you might be schizophrenic, which seems a bit of an extreme reaction to what could be a simple miscue of your dreaming mind.

      In other words, expect the voices to be astral invasions or the work of Satan, and they will be. Imagining the worst in dreams, especially lucid dreams, only tends to bring the worst. Try diminishing the value of these voices by expecting them to mean nothing at all. If you tone down your reaction to the voices, and they might just stop carrying so much dark meaning... they might even stop altogether.

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      There is no invasion. My astral front is quiet Sageous is right, you are in fear and therefore imagined fear takes from your mind its shape.
      Try different approach. Go into astral unattached. Look on things analytically. Without judging. Nothing can do harm while you are calm.
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      If you believe in gemstones that can do different things, you can look for one that can protect you from psychic attacks.

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      Try having no beliefs, let the experience be and unfold when and if they do.
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