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      Did I avoid death?

      I apologize as this is going to be a very short description of the dream. But it happened almost 2 years ago. I was probably 14 when I had the dream and I rarely have dreams that i remember. The dream was very short regardless. Outside my house there was a giant old tree, this trees roots have grown through the wall of our basement.
      In the dream, there was a storm and it knocked this tree over onto my parents room at the time and then it went black and I woke up.and when I say fell I mean right through the roof.
      I've switched rooms in my house multiple times, and at the time of the dream I wasn't in the room. But I moved into the room within a month of the dream. We cut the tree down after some time(nearly a year) and just last summer there was a huge storm that ripped up trees all over the town I live in.(which I believe was the one from the dream).Its very rare for a storm of this calibur to occur where i live. I think if the the tree was still there it would've fell onto my room and presumably killed me. It's kinda sketchy to think about it after it happened, and would like to see what others think of this whole premonition.

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      That is hard to tell. It may be possible, but it isn't provable.

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      You should probably avoid any and all contact with trees from now on. Just be to sure.

      Even though it's already been a year since your original post, I hope you're able to get on and read this reply before it's too late!

      Please take note this is just my professional opinion.

      Oh, did you want a serious answer?

      That tree was meant to crush you and you actually had a precognitive dream, you mind reader, you!

      Not only that, you also were able to save countless other lives that night by removing the deadly tree before the night of the storm.

      Now the only question is...how did you know??

      And was is a Bonsai tree? Or perhaps an Old Oak?

      Come on man these details are crucial! I'm going to need this information if you expect to receive any more of my help.

      Please feel free to PM on here if you have any further questions, of course, of a strictly tree related nature. See what I did there? Tree...nature. Cuz there's lots of tree's out there in nature.

      Yeahhh I'll just leave it at that. Hope this helped! Have a good night!

      BTW, a tree fell on my moms old house when she was a kid. She loves to tell me that story. You should meet her sometime!

      Take it from Netflix, "Don't go tearing down all the trees, or you might stir up something deadly. Not to mention hungry."
      -Dark Was The Night
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      Well, you're still alive, so you did avoid death. I don't think anything special happened with your dream though. You obviously have been afraid of the tree falling on the house during a storm, and having a dream about it is no big stretch. Cutting down the tree was just a smart idea, there's no way to tell if it actually would have fallen during that storm or not. You aren't dead, but some spooky background force very likely had nothing to do with your survival. The tree was a risk, you recognized the risk, the risk bothered you enough to even show up in a dream, and your family made a sound, educated decision to cut the tree down because the risk it posed was significant. I don't mean to shoot your experience down or anything, but I don't see anything creepy about this situation at all. It was a normal situation, and you reacted in a normal way to it.

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