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    Thread: Preventing Astral Travel

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      Preventing Astral Travel

      I am new to astral projecting. Is it possible to prevent someone from having an astral travel? Can it be undone? I have tried to astral travel but have only seen some strange looking symbols and have not ventured anywhere. I am asking because I had a bad personal experience with a pagan group and just would like to know if they did anything to hinder me in this department.

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      It is probably not possible for a pagan group (or anyone) to prevent you from having an AP experience, but it is more than possible for you to fail to have the experience because you believe that some group is trying to prevent you from having it.

      Belief is a powerful thing. Try not to believe (or think, or even suspect) that any outside force is holding you back. If you can get thoughts like that out of your head, and any other thoughts that roughly translate to "I can't do this thing," you will very likely find your attempts easier to do... and, if you still cannot AP, you will at least know it is because you have not fully prepared and might need to do a bit more work on your part, but success is in your hands, and not in someone else's.

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      No I don't think anyone can stop you from having an outer body experience only your self can do that. Once you get out though just like in waking life there are those who mean well and those who don't. My techniques are the wild technique upon awakenings or galantamine with choline. Gd luck -namaste
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