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      Shared dream with my son...

      Hi, I'm new to the forum and looking for some insight on what I genuinely believe to be a dream my son and I both had on the same night.

      I'll just explain it the way it happened and hope that it makes sense to someone.

      I had a dream a few nights ago. I remember the feeling of panic and anxiety very clearly, before I remember anything visual about the dream. I had a dream that my young son, he will be 3 next month, was heading down our basement steps. I remember feeling scared and panicking that he might fall on the steps if I don't get to him. Our basement is not used as a living space and is only for storage and laundry so he's never allowed down there and he's well aware of that but has ventured down a few times, only to be scolded and told to stay upstairs. So back to my dream, the panic was there before the visual part started and all I remember is being at the top of the stairs, I watched as he grabbed the railing that starts halfway down the stairway and I started to go down after him. He never looked back at me and we never said a word. I'm not even sure if he knew I was there. Every detail other than him was hazy and there was a red glow around us. That is the entire dream, at least what I can remember, and I never got to him or came back up. It just ended.

      I didn't think anything of this dream. Barely remembered it the next morning and when I did think of it, I passed it off as a normal dream stemming from the anxiety I would feel if he were to go down those stairs.

      So the following night I'm laying in bed with him. He sleeps with me now because he had trouble sleeping in his own room, saying that there were ghosts and monsters in there. Anyway, we said goodnight and where he would usually go straight to sleep, he said to me, "I went downstairs last night." So matter of fact, like me telling you that the grass is green, so I said "you did?" He said again that he went downstairs. So I asked him why and he said to clean his clothes. I told him its dangerous for him to go down there and he said he held onto the railing. Now I know for a fact that he absolutely did not go "in real life" because he wouldn't have been able to close our basement door after coming back up, I even have trouble with it.

      I probably wouldn't think too far into this if it wasn't for other things my son has told me that he couldn't possibly know. He pointed out our old house one day while we were driving past, a house we lived in for just 2 short months and he was only 3 and 4 months old at the time. He's also been really convincing about these things he sees in his room. I've had lucid dreams myself, one happened on the night he was born and I actually left my body. I've also had dreams that came true and have had visits from deceased loved ones. My husband likes to pass everything off as silly coincidence but I can't just dismiss these things. Also, if my son has some sort of intuition or ability, I don't want to limit or suppress it.

      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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      Well. I'm not sure about the things he sees in his room. But there seems to be something about family that allows us to have similar dreams. Perhaps it is because we are in the same environment and in a way we can effect each others emotions. Which can lead to similar dreams. Your similar dream reminds me of the time my dad and I were mad at each other one day. That day I had a dream that there was a man who went missing and his family was worried about him. He did not have his phone with him though.(This dream was most likely after my dad woke up) Than when we were talking that day he mentioned how he had a dream I was lost and wasn't carrying my phone with me.

      Therefore it's most likely the going downstairs thing is something that bothers you and your child understands how you feel about that in a way.But kids are curious and will do things that don't make sense at times. So just make sure you find a effective way to keep him out of there that can make you less anxious about the situation.
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      That's obviously your first child. My brother was overly concerned with his first, but now on his third, he's like "whatever...".

      I believe it was a shared dream. Dream follow where attention goes, and as a parent, your child is probably your main focal point. Shared dreaming happens all the time, it's just that people don't compare dreams. You should set up dream "dates" with your kid where you do fun activities. He won't know it's not possible, so it won't hinder him any.

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