This is my first post, so I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section.

This experience happened a few years ago but it still constantly drives me crazy wondering about it. Some background first:

At some point I started waking into sleep paralysis almost every night, at least three times a week. At first it felt like being submerged in warm viscous goo with an invisible force holding me down drowning me, but as it happened more often I didn't feel like I was drowning and shadow figures started roaming the room. It seemed like they didn't notice me or they just weren't interested in me at first, but after a while they would watch me the whole time, then they started standing right next to my paralyzed body, then I could hear unintelligible voices and it felt/looked like they were pushing on me and forcing life out of me. At some point I realized there just didn't seem like there was anything I could do to stop this from happening, then one night I thought I had actually woken up but the room had a blue glow and was kinda smokey? It's hard for me to explain. I sat up to collect myself and everything from my waist down was vibrating, the waist up just felt strange. I turned to look around the room and when I looked behind me I saw myself still asleep on my back, and it was like I had another upper body sitting up out of myself. It freaked me out and I was jolted awake. The room wasn't blue or smokey anymore. The vibrating started happening more often and the dark figures showed up less often. The vibrating turned into vibrating while feeling electrical sensations shooting through my body like it was entering the top of my head and then I started hearing sounds similar to birds chirping, tv static, electricity. After that I had a few out of body experiences within my house, but nothing too weird. I started looking forward to sleep.

Fast forward a while and after Google searches leading me to find out what astral projection was I started looking into different techniques that were supposed to help. I was attempting the "rope technique" one night and it worked. I pulled myself out of my body and looked down at myself sleeping. I was compelled to keep climbing up the rope so I did. After climbing in darkness for a while the rope ended at a cliff side. I pulled myself up onto the edge of the cliff and there was a thick forest in front of me with a dark path through the forest directly in front of me. The edge of the forest and the cliff side continued as far as I could see to my left and right. I looked up in the sky to my left and saw the constellation Orion. The stars in Orion started shifting and swirling around each other, getting closer to me until they were small orbs right next to me which came together and turned into a translucent purplish humanoid form. It started walking down the forest path and I felt like I needed to follow so I did. As I was lead down this path small pyramid shaped lights on each side of the path would light up a few feet in front of us lighting the way. We came to a clearing in the forest and there were three giant pyramids, one in the front and two in the back on each side, like bowling pins. They were really bright even though everything beyond the clearing was still really dark. The sides had weird dedigns I can best describe as looking like circuitry on a circuit board. I saw symbols above a doorway to the central pyramid but they were shifting and morphing so I couldn't tell what it said or if they were even letters. After taking everything in "Orion" entered the pyramid and I followed. There was just one really long, tight and bright hallway. In the hallway I knew "Orion" was speaking to me but whatever was said was drown out by those sounds of birds/crackles/static/electricity. I felt like it was really important but nothing came through. The hallway opened up into a huge room and when we entered the only sound was a steady hum and I felt the presence of two other beings but I never saw them. I woke up right after I entered that room.

After that I searched for interpretations of what it might mean and I came across a message board post that was strikingly similar.

Key differences/similarities: This person either was an owl or flew with an owl over a forest and landed in a clearing when they saw three pyramids from above. They saw strange designs on the sides of the pyramids but didn't say anything about circuitry. There was a round pedestal by the door to the pyramid with the symbol for Pi in the center of other symbols in their experience. This person said they saw "Time Removal Machine" above the doorway and claimed they didn't know what the symbol for Pi meant until after the "dream". They met a being (not specified to be Orion) and felt like they had to follow them through the long hallway. They also knew this being was telling them something important, but the same kinds of sounds kept them from understanding what was said. No mention of an inner chamber or two other beings.

After all of that I came across a YouTuber named Danny Wilten who has done tons of videos about Orion. He has matched up pictures with the Orion nebula, most notably the painting The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, and shows that when overlayed on top of each other similar patterns show up, suggesting Michelangelo pretty much painted the Orion nebula before it could have been viewed. From what I remember he seemed to think that the Orion nebula is basically the "brain" of our reality "thinking" everything into existence (been a long time since I watched his videos but that's what I remember getting out of them anyway).

Any thoughts or similar experiences are appreciated.