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    Thread: Dreams of the deceased

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      Dreams of the deceased

      hi, for a while now at least 3 times now I have dreamt of my mom's aunt who passed away a while back. the latest dream I was in her house and people were there. i remember someone telling me don't tell her that someone died... that was the disturbing part. it felt kinda like a memory. other past dreams of the aunt have been kinda disturbing too. but wondering if she is trying to communicate with me... or if this is like a puzzle I have to figure out.

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      Hi oneiroer, different people will have very different perspectives on this. Your aunt could be an archetypal representation of one of your own subconscious processes that you are not yet aware of, (the 'don't tell her she's dead' is the cue to talk about the elephant in the room, if you get my drift). Or perhaps if it fits into your own cosmology, it is a remnant of your aunt who has refused to pass on and is in a state of denial.

      If it was my dream? I'd go for broke, assume both options, and next time I saw her kindly tell her that she has died.
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      I have nonsensical and random dreams, so maybe I'm biased, but I typically don't assume they have very much inherent meaning. I do believe you can learn from dream experiences, but the dream itself doesn't have any concrete meaning to it. The meaning you derive from it is very pliable, it can be molded to mean what you want it to mean. Personally, I wouldn't see the dream as meaning anything in particular. Everything you experience, especially when it comes to dreams, involves your memory. You had an aunt, but now she happens to be dead. At one point of time though, she was obviously alive, and you have experiences of when she was. As to why you couldn't tell her why she was dead, that would be very shocking and could even be considered rude. So, you know shes dead, and the dream winds up having a character telling you not to tell her she's dead.

      Now, if you know something we don't, it might be possible for you to link the situation with another situation or something, but this is what I mean by a dream not possessing a concrete meaning. Even you aren't sure what it means, and the meaning you come up with (that really only you can come up with, people might be able to point you in the right direction or guide you, but only you can come up with the meaning) is still very elastic... it can be stretched and fitted to mean what you think it does. I'm not going to say your dream means nothing, because if it does mean something to you, it obviously has to. Whatever you think it means is right, and nobody can really tell you that you are wrong. In my opinion, if it were me and my dream, I would say it's just a coincidence and the dream just "is" and nothing more. But it's not me or mine, so I don't want you to think that I'm saying my opinion should mean anything more than yours.

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