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    Thread: Waking voice helping me in a dream

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      Waking voice helping me in a dream

      I think this is the right place for this.

      So ever since I was young I hear a voice calling my name when a lot of sound disturbance is around; shower, riding a bike, rain, ect. The voice is always very kind as if a family member is calling out to tell you breakfast is ready.

      A few years ago I was in a bad place because of a job I had just quit. The boss and some of the workers were some mean SOBs. I have a dream that I'm in a castle and this black tendril presence starts capturing all my DCs and pulling them down to the bottom part of the castle. I save who I can and hull them up in a tower. I climb down out of a window and find my way to the blackness. When I get there there is a cult like group all with shrouded faces except for the one that is the darkest most powerful. It's eyes glow red and it starts pulling my consciousness in closer and closer. When doom is certain the voice shouts my name. Very loud, very sharp and I wake up and sit bolt upright. I can still feel it ringing in my ears.

      This was the only time the voice shouted and it was to save me. Since then it has stopped calling me as frequently. And I saw it watching me through a crack in my mind. When I was playing guitar. When I slowed down to look at it the crack got smaller and it seemed to loose interest. When I started playing it turned it's attention back to me. Just watching.

      Any thoughts on this?

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      maybe the voice is saying its good for you too play guitar?

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      are you saying you hallucinated 'it' while you were playing guitar? What was it that you saw watching you exactly?
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      You might try re-posting in beyond-dreaming/dream-interpretation.

      I think the benevolent presence isn't something you can understand with your senses, and it tends to withdraw if you try to think about it that way.

      The hallucination is easier when you have any kind of white noise, as you describe, because the voice is in the noise and your mind can hear it just by focusing on it. I think it is not necessarily bad that you don't hear the voice as often now. I think it wants you to know its there, but if you focus on the sound and picture experience of it you're not approaching it in the best way. Maybe it would rather that you just trust that it is still there now that you know, without having to hear it. Also, if you become more sensitive to hearing it, that also tends to make you more sensitive to the dark, seductive desires that would pull you down, because the experience is in the same psychic realm, so to speak. But the moral character of the benevolent presence is different from the others, so you can draw closer to it that way.

      Also worth considering maybe....I think that pleasant/happy experience can be misleading as a measure of how true you are being to the benevolent spirit. That spirit makes you feel good, however, clouds of difficult experience can also come and seem to blot it out. If you hide from dealing with difficult life experiences, and do spiritually wrong things for the sake of having a happier experience, then you wind up behind in the long run. So you shouldn't worry too much if the good spirit seems to come and go, you should trust that its still there, and continue to look to live according to your best, true pattern, as you understand it, even though times get more and less difficult. Of course it is good to question whether you are on the right path and learn from your experiences. I just mean that it is good to have that confidence in the love, which is deeper than the sound of the voice, even though the voice helped draw your attention to it.
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