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      Ganzfeld + Visualisation


      I just wondered: What would happen if you combine the Ganzfeld effect (hallucinations generated with sensory deprivation) with visualisations? I tried the Ganzfeld effect and saw a beautiful scene of a forest for a moment. If you do visualisations (and are really good at it) while you do the ganzfeld eperiment, would it be possible to have some kind of "lucid daydream"? (its a made up term for a very realistic daydream which you can control, basically a lucid dream while you're awake). The ganzfeld effect can create very realistic images, why shouldn't it possible to control them? And if theres something like lucid dreams, why shouldn't there be a way to have a similar experience while being awake (maybe with a method we don't know yet)?

      If it's not possible with ganzfeld, can you have a "lucid daydream" by another route? (without drugs (i know ketamine can create such a state but its VERY dangerous so i won't try this)) Maybe with a meditation technique? I know it's possible with hypnosis, but you have to be in a very deep state which isn't possible selfhypnosis.

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      I think it is possible under those conditions that intentional imaginal sensations could be intensified, I am not sure how likely it is to produce a immersive environment like those found in lucid dreams, but I suppose it is possible. My knowledge of the Ganzfeld effect is thin, so this is just a guess.

      I have however read more on people using sensory deprivation tanks, which has the added benefit creating a sense of weightlessness. In many cases I have read these tanks have lead to both intense mental imagery and fully immersive out of body experiences.
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      I've tried sensory deprivation and the Ganzfeld method and both have given me only fairly vague and occasional images. I wouldn't be surprised if with practice you could find the "sweet spot" and get into a state of mind that would be immersive and feel fairly real. It might take so much time to get there though that interest might fade.

      I've heard of people trying to surf on the edge of hypnagogic imagery, that is that they sit in a chair with something heavy in their hand like a large key. When they begin falling asleep they will drop the heavy object and it wakes them up. They write down what they saw and do it again. Being woken up suddenly makes it easier to remember weird things you might see but it's not as immersive and real as a full-on lucid dream. Apparently Salvador Dali used to do this to get inspiration.

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      Is this like a 'Vision' I've had a few really crazy visions they have started as Daydreams but have got me into a place where I can feel vibrations and often have strong smells associated with them.

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