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    Thread: purple crayon metaphor

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      purple crayon metaphor

      In the Harold and the Purple Crayon children's book, Harold walks around at night in his pajamas drawing things with his purple crayon, "and the moon went with him". Towards the end of the story, he starts looking for his bedroom window, to return to his room. He draws a lot of windows, but none of them are the one he is looking for. Then at last he draws the window in front of the moon, so that he is inside looking out at the moon, then he is home. I'd seen this story before, but didn't think about it as a parable until reading it to my daughter yesterday. Then last night I had a nice dream about trying to bridge a gap between people, and experiencing it first from the outside, then from the inside, with a change in perspective like in the story.

      Anyway, there's something to think on for an astral projection, lucid dream, or other meditative experience, if it appeals to you.
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      Wow, I had totally forgotten about this delightful book! I remember being enthralled by it as a wee person.

      I really appreciate you sharing what you gleaned from it, as that interpretation passed right by me as a child. It's a great way to look at it, and it's a rich lesson in framing and perspective. I'll often challenge myself to invert my perspective on a given situation, either to try to solve a problem, or just for the fun of it (like operating from the view that we live at the bottom of the sky instead of atop the land, or that the trees' waving branches create the wind). This is quite like that!

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