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      Past Life Dream?

      For most of my life, I have been a skeptic of all things occult, supernatural, spiritual, etc and typically based my ideas of the universe on science. I was an ardent disbeliever in ghosts and anything that I couldn't see with my own eyes and touch with my hands.

      Since my mom died in 2012, I have researched heavily into Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Rebirth, etc and it has changed my worldview profoundly, notably the work by Dr. Bruce Greyson and Dr. Ian Stevenson, both of whom apply a scientific approach to the phenomena. They have cited thousands of cases of NDEs, OBEs, and rebirth occurrences that warrant serious consideration.

      Anyway, I had a strange dream a couple of nights ago that won't leave my mind and keeps making me wonder if it could possibly some memory fragment from a past life.

      A little background on me- I am 30 and live in NYC. I have never had a child. In the dream, I was none of those things yet I knew it was somehow me. I almost never have these types of dreams, they are rare for me.

      In the dream, I was dressed in clothing that looked like something a southern housewife from years ago would wear (flowered dress, billowy hair, hat) and I was seated in the passenger seat of an old car. A man was driving who I knew was my son. He was roughly 25-30 years of age. He was a white man, strong brawny, cute and had brown hair. I also have brown hair. He was kind and we were driving down a road passing by trees and nature etc. We were definitely somewhere not on the coast, perhaps the South as the son had a slight Southern accent. He said to me something about being disappointed that he had been in jail. My eyes welled up and I looked at him and I felt so much love boil up inside of me. I loved this person very much as I was his mother in the dream. I said "I am so proud of you for getting out of jail. I really am, son." Then his eyes welled up with tears and he had to wipe his eyes and pull over and he said that the sentiment was almost too much for him. It seemed as though that some rift between us had occurred as a result of his going to jail, but had been healed after he was let out early for good behavior and finally I told him that I was proud of him regardless of what happened. Then we were happy and emotional and drove some more. The whole time, "I" had a lingering feeling of saddness about life, but was happy to have told my son how proud I was of him.

      What do you think? Has anyone had dreams like this? It was such a departure from my typical life and dreams that I am wondering if there is more to this?
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