I've never experienced love, at least not consciously.
So now I did and I made a few short observations, here goes:

The world feels more intense. Another feeling that strikingly arises is motivation to 'do stuff' or 'to be my best self'. Not the striving, work on myself kind of motivation. But a pure knowing that you are already in this power to be, I bet it's the being there for the sake of another that's motivating a fire inside

Another thing I noticed is a visual change in perception. Colors are more vivid mostly
Perhaps this is not the doing of 'love' itself but the color of this particular entity that i lub that makes me feel this particular change

I realized that the change in perception is the same character as DMT. Which gives to me a sharp jacking up of color intensity and contrast up to the point where it becomes hard to recognize the same room. While all the objects remain in it. Another feeling is a soft-feeling in the skull area. Which I find is also present with love.