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    Thread: Seeing through other peoples waking eyes.

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      Seeing through other peoples waking eyes.

      Very short but detailed dreams. Do not want to go into descriptive details too much.

      Angry person above me waving hands around. Covers me over with something.
      I am very scared. I look round, and notice location, details of room etc.
      Sudden feeling of warmth, and comfort. I forgive the person who has just taken my life.
      He remains scared, and angry as he has just taken a life.
      Moves me so I will not be found quickly, then runs out of the room.

      I wake up, and this dream does not fade. His face sticks with me, and the details of the room are clear.
      A few weeks later I see a report on the news about a lady that was murdered. They have found the killer, and posted a photograph.

      Scary part -
      The face of the killer was the same.
      Location of murder in room was exactly the same.
      Even the method used to commit the crime.
      Body left in a very unusual place, which was also the same.

      I did a search on the victim, and found she only lived 20 mins from me.
      The murder took place in another country while the lady was on holiday.

      Now this could be called an amazing coincidence, but the dreams started getting more frequent.
      A head on collision in a car. A train accident. A child murder.
      Then at last they stopped, or I thought so.
      Now I started experiencing other peoples waking experiences which did not involve death.

      These dreams have a specific feel to them, and I always took note whenever I had them.
      Next day I would confront the person, and ask them if they were doing that specific thing.
      When they agreed, I thought 'A new gift to amaze people with.'
      Big mistake - Nobody likes being spied on without their permission, and especially from within their own heads.
      Some of the scenes were of a romantic nature, and friends thought I was spying on them.
      Others just avoided telling me anything about themselves again.

      Not fun having dreams that get you into trouble, so I stopped telling anyone about them.
      I said I had made it all up, or was told the personal details by someone else.
      Now everything is back to normal, and I keep the dreams to myself. Don't even tell my wife, or kids.

      That is one reason why I have come back here, to see if anyone has had similar dreams, or can explain what is going on.

      If anyone reading this thinks it is fiction, then please take is as so. Not here to upset anyone, or make waves.
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      Do you see this as a gift ? Did you develop this ability ?
      I think it could be used for very good purposes, as in your first example
      But probably no one on criminal departments and prevention forces take that seriously..

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