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    Thread: Taking note of precognitive dreams

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      Taking note of precognitive dreams

      Hi guys! So I've had precognitive dreams for a while now. I have them with some regularity.

      There are several possible explanations for such dreams. Some very down to earth like it simply being a coincidence, or you making the events occur because of the dream rather than the other way around; Some requiring a bit of a leap of faith, like the idea of actually receiving information from the future, or that your dreams play a role in creating your future; Some falling right in the middle, like the idea that perhaps the subconscious is simply capable of predicting things that will occur based on all its knowledge.

      I don't like to jump to any conclusions about such things - but rather just keep an open mind to any and all possibilities, and then experiment to see if I can find answers. So that's what I'm doing.

      For me I have a simple criteria that precognitive dreams must meet: Events related to the dream must occur the very next day. The reason for this criteria is simple - given enough time, it's likely that I'll run into things related to most of my dreams, so I have to set a time limit on it, and a day fits perfectly because in the past all of my precognitive dreams HAVE had events occur that very same day, rather than days/weeks/months later (with only one or two exceptions).

      So the way I'll be noting them down is each morning I write down my dreams as usual. Then if I run into something from the dream that day, I go back to my dream in the dream journal app I use, I then tag it "Precognitive", and update the dream text to explain what happened in waking life and how it related to the dream.

      I had my first one this morning. I dreamed I was in a graveyard trying to find something. Then I looked over to one side and there was this great big long hedge that I could see over. Today I went to get my hair cut, and without thinking on the way back I ended up going through the local cemetery, a path I haven't taken in a couple of months now. I thought "Hey this is like my dream.." and sure enough I turned and right where I was looking was a great big long hedge that looked identical to the one in my dream.

      So anyway, on to my reason for posting this! I wanted to encourage others to join in. Start writing down your dreams if you aren't already, and any time you run into something from your dream in real life that gives you that uncanny feeling of "Hey this was just like my dream!" write it down in your dream journal next to the dream. Over the upcoming weeks/months we can gather our results and talk about anything interesting we found.

      Anyone up for it?

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      Hi. I used to have a couple of precognitive dreams per week that couldn't plausibly be attributed to self-fulfilling prophecy, random coincidence, or other fallacies. Now I have no such dreams, and not much better than speculation about why it stopped. I don't have 'shared dreams' any more either, which I understand to be another form of the same kind of thing. For me the precognitive dreams started first, then they gradually morphed into the other kind as I started paying more attention to the role of my sense of identity in that kind of dream.

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      This happened to me. Basically two things in the same dream came true the next day. The first thing I think was my subconscious predicting. I could have predicted it in fact, because it was bound to happen. The second however in the dream i went to sort out two electrical wires that had been pushed together by a little boy and go an electric shock. The next day i tripped over my computer charger and broke it. I connected two wires and made it charge for a second but got an electric shock and a wave of electricity passed through me. I didn't even realise that it was like my dream until later that day. I guess there is more chance of having at lest one dream like this in your life than not having one though.

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      I've had a number of precognitives over the years. I'll share this one though.

      A few months back I had a rather uncharacteristic dream that I was on my way to a crime scene. The dream shifted, and I was a mobster in a bar. I was asking the bartender what had occurred the night before. The man recounted the events to me. The bar had been full. A young man got a little too loose and knocked over a glass. In my drunken anger, I (the mobster) pulled out a gun and shot him with three bullets. Dead. The bartender then explains to me that he has told nobody else this and will not share it with anyone.

      The next morning I leave to go to the work. The road is blocked off, police everywhere. A man has been shot. He was a young lawyer who had been working for the local mobsters. Ended up in their bad books. An acquaintance suggested that the 'knocking over the glass' was 'spilling information'. He was shot with three bullets.

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