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      Smile Did I dream of the future, or was it chance?

      Ok so I have only had one lucid dream (that I can remember at lest) and it was very short but now I am trying to have another, although I haven't really done much yet appart from reality checks. On to point...

      Last night I had a dream. Something about this boy, he is about 4 years old, and I think I was meant to be watching him and he was playing with two electric cables. It was clearer at the time but I didn't record it (I should have). He was either pulling them apart or pushing them together and they got jammed. I can't remember if he had an electric shock or not. But he had jammed them together and I didn't want to touch them for fear of electric shock but I wanted to get him away. I can't quite remember what, I think I called out to him but he wouldn't come. I think I may have gone over to fix it, just I just remember getting an electric shock at some point, or at lest a small one.

      I think I dreamt of him because today i went to his party. At one point I went up and my friend went off and told me to get him to follow, but again I was unsure what to do and again I called out to him and he didn't come. But that's not it. Later this day I carried my computer upstairs and almost tripped over on the charger because it was plugged in. And it broke. My mum told me to leave it because I wouldn't be able to fix it because a wire had come loose. But I managed to connect a wire with something, and for a split second it charged beforehand I jurked it away. I felt something, and heard a pop sound, and so did it again. And this time I also saw a spark of blue light and felt an electric sort of shiver go through me. Not like a normal shiver, but like electric passed through me and I felt a small electric shock for a second. Then I left it and later I realised I had seen it before.

      So basically what's the same is me not knowing what to do with the boy and him not coming when I called, and getting an electric shock from two wires pushed together by someone. I almost feel as if I the boy was me pushing the wires together not him, because that's what it was like in reality.

      Also a while ago when I was quite a lot younger we went on a school trip. And I had a big feeling of da ja vu although that was impossible. In real life, I have this scene about a girl in the year above and she was on the same team as me and I recognised all the details of what she did. I didn't feel like i had dreamt it earlier until after, but it was like R.E.M. Bering a dream. However i was totally unsure if i had actually dreamt it or not, and I still am not sure, but I'm just putting it out there.

      And also, sometimes I get this weird feeling. My two friends said for me to meet them in the school club (they would meet up on their way and we would all meet there). I was on time, so it's not like they were late and that provoked my ideas. Basically I sat there and thought "I bet they have gone and left me here on purpose as a joke. Maybe I just thought of something that could go wrong and that just happened, or maybe I know my friends too well (although they had never done something like that before). Well they walked into the classroom and the first thing my friends asked me was "What would you have done If You we had just let you here?" And they were smiling, almost laughing, to each other as if they almost had done it (and probably had almost left).I think something similar happened once again, although I'm not quite sure.

      Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks. I think I will keep a dream journal from now on. I started one but one dream was so confusing that I just gave up lol.

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      I had lucid dreams and astral projections of even less probable events than what you had... But... well, given time and chance many things may happen. To have proof, it would need to be consistent... repeatable in laboratory conditions... Nevertheless, it makes one to believe

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