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    Thread: more on 'dry spell'

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      more on 'dry spell'

      Regarding the season of reduced paranormal dream experience that we've discussed in other threads....

      I feel like we're about halfway through it now, and may start to come out of it in some way over the next couple of years. Maybe I'm totally wrong, that's just an intuition I have that I can't really justify.

      I also think that this continues to be a time for honesty and to improve our hearts, to slay or transform some of the snakes that lurk in them. I'm feeling more confident about this, that now is a good time for this kind of growth. Then a couple of years from now, if the forum is busy again, or if we're having a lot of new and exotic experiences again, we'll be in a lot healthier place than we would have been otherwise.

      That sounds so New Age cliche that its scary, but off hand I can't think of a better way to say that.

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      I assume the dry spell is for each person, and not universal. I would like to think that mystical force are at work in your life, but it could be setting the stage for a good future, in a way that shows no outward event currently. Dealing with honesty and improving your heart is the engine behind that mystical force. Good luck in all things. It has been awhile since we conversed.
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

      "Instruction in Dream Yoga"

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      Judging from the volume and quality of posts on this site and on other dream sites, the 'dry spell' has affected a lot of people. Although the quality of posts on the 'beyond dreaming' section was arguably always poor, the volume was way, way higher than it is now. The dreams that people were posting in interpretation forums also seemed to be more poetically inspired about five years ago. Anecdotally, other people I know have also been dreaming a lot less vividly for the past three years or so. Presumably there are some people who have dreamed more during the same period despite the general pattern though, and it wouldn't surprise me if you or others haven't been affected.

      I have a nephew in Boise now by the way.

      Maybe I'll make it out there next summer with my kids to go rafting.

      I had 1.5 jobs for most of last year. Now I'm down to one with a lot of overtime, so things are slightly less crazy. The problem I've been working on for the past couple of years is mostly the one I've been posting about, on the rare occasions I've posted: how to change so that my baser nature doesn't pollute my psychic/karmic environment.
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