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      Question Very weird dream, alternate reality where mother died while I was a kid

      I'll go over the important details and try to keep this brief. Background is that I've dabbled with meditation and tried astral projection over a decade ago. My mom is alive and we basically have a nonexistent relationship. I had been thinking a bit about my mom the previous day.

      Yesterday afternoon I took a two hour nap and had the most insane dream that I can remember. It was lucid and I think there were events happening prior to and after what I will describe in it, but this is what I remember. I'm in my parents room in the house from my childhood. I remember looking at my hands knowing that it was a lucid dream and thinking that something was going to happen if I went into the living room and looked around. I go into the living room and remember it looking as it did from my childhood, and I fall on my knees and am transported I guess to a completely dark realm, kind of like being in deep space, and remember hearing a lot of voices and being in extreme pain. It might have been around here that I heard that my mom died when I was six, not sure. I kept telling myself that I wanted to push on and see what happens. Eventually the voices fade and one of them kind of materializes into a person, and I'm in a room talking to him. I'm still lucid and crying uncontrollably because my mom died, kind of thinking to myself that I don't particularly care for my mother, but also thinking that if she had died when I was a little kid then my opinion of her would have been much different. So I believe this man I'm in the room with is asking me some questions, kind of like a therapist would. When he was finished I was following him around a bit trying to ask him a couple questions, but he was brushing me off saying he had other things to do. I told him I have two questions for him that I really wanted him to answer so he finally decided to listen to me while he was sitting down changing his shoes I believe. The questions that I intended on asking him were what is he, and why am I here. I asked him the first question, what is he. He gave me a baffled look and asked me if I was feeling okay. Based off of that I assumed he didn't know what the hell I was talking about, so I told him that was all I needed to ask. I remember him then telling me that he was going on a jog, so I said I was going on one too and ran off in another direction with the intention of getting more information. That's all that I remember.

      When I was in the shower getting ready for work I remembered what I just typed. I was thinking it didn't quite make sense that the therapist-type guy was acting the way he was and why I would be bawling uncontrollably at my mom's death as an adult. But, thinking it over later in the day, I realized that I was assuming that I was an adult while talking to the therapist. If that were a public school counselor and I was a little kid, then this is a believable course of outcomes.

      So, anyone have input on what this was? Did I travel to a parallel universe where my mom died when I was 6 and possess myself as a 6-year-old, or is it just one of those wacky well thought out subconscious tricks that my brain was playing on me while I slept?

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      It is only a lucid dream in which the subconscious attempts to deceive you to lose lucidness. When you fell into the black space, the dream was about to fall apart, but instead the scene had changed. And the therapist is just a dream character who responds in a typical way. Don't think too much of it.

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