Had a premonition this morning of an unexpected phone call that came at 7am. As typical in the past, the dream imagery seemed reconstructed out of a very detailed feeling of the content of the phone call, rather than being like a sensate vision or memory. For instance, a hydraulic cylinder in the dream corresponded to a linear translation stage in the phone call, which has a similar purpose but doesn't look very similar A radar sensor in the dream corresponded to a reflectance spectrometer in the phone call. Both measure projected light, but the wavelength and application are quite a bit different.

The possibility of having predicted the call from previous events, or having picked out similarities in an otherwise unrelated dream, both seem to me to be completely implausible based on the nature of the call and the context.

For the past couple of years some of us on this site have had fewer lucid experiences. My dream experiences are still way, way down from their peak about five years ago. I'd worried maybe some part of me had run away or died. This dream this morning fit the pattern of having a premonition of an event that happens very soon after waking. I had a lot of those kinds of dreams before I started paying more attention to the interpersonal element, after which the telepathetic aspect became more pronounced and the precognitive aspect because less pronounced.

Except for some out-of-body experiences, my astral projection experiences were 20 years ago, years before the precognitive experiences became common. So I'm still thinking a big part of the reason my 'beyond-dreaming' experiences have mostly gone away is I got bored with it. Maybe it would come back if I needed it for something.

I'd still like to demonstrate this kind of dream in some kind of clinical study someday. It would be problematic, but I think it would be possible, and I'm guessing I could still trigger it in the context of such a study.