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      Dreaming of Someone You've 'Never' Met?

      I wasn't sure whether to put this in the General Lucid Dreaming section, or here, but... I decided on here

      Firstly, I haven't been on here in a WHILE, but it's good to be back!

      I've always heard that it was "impossible" to dream of someone you've never seen before. Everyone in your dreams is supposedly a face that you've seen, even in passing.

      I just never really understood that... why can't our consciousness create faces/people/etc?

      Too the point, though, the reason I created this thread was because last night I had my first real, fully, lucid experience. I've always had vivid dreams, and I've had sleep paralysis lucid dreams before, but up until last night, whenever I realized I was dreaming, I would wake up or 'forget' instantly. Last night, something not normal happened, and I said to myself... "I'm dreaming, awesome!" So, I "left" the dream I was having, and created a new one and one of my "requests" was to have some friends join me, and I "asked" for a girl to join me. I didn't have anyone particular in mind, I just wanted my consciousness to create something. And it did. The person who I spent the rest of the dream with was definitely not anyone that I knew, not a crush, ex, flight, etc. I'll be honest, I really can't remember her face now (working on remember my dreams better... I need to start keeping a journal), but when I woke up her whole likeness, physical and mental, was burned into my head. And the one thing I'll never forget were her eyes. They were yellow, not unnatural yellow, but nothing I've ever seen on a human. I will stress though, they were not unnatural, it would be like someone with extremely blue eyes (which exist), but these were like extremely bright hazel, or amber almost.

      Basically, the discussion I'm trying to provoke revolves around either creating people or dreaming of people that you really have never met. Do any of you think it means anything? For those who believe in shared dreaming/consciousness or 'soul mates' (of which I think people can have more than one), what are your thoughts?

      Interested to read everyone's responses!

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      Who knows..i posted a couple weeks ago ,about dream experience in which someone specifically said "my name is **** don't forget who I am" ..some recommended looking for name online (I never actually admitted it was me who had the dream) but for the sake of argument, assume if someone wants to find me, it shouldn't be that difficult
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      Almost all of the people in my dreams are people Iíve never seen before. Anyone who says you can only dream about people you have seen is essentially saying that artists have no real creative imagination, and never do anything more than copy what already exists. Those people are just wrong.

      That said, I tend to interpret the people I dream about in terms of people Iíve already met. Itís like adding together portions of different kinds of people to get a new person. Of course I leave things out that way, but most of our perceptions are similarly limited.

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