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    Thread: Dream Kin?

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      Dream Kin?

      Hello. I rarely have dreams that I'd consider extraordinary so I thought I would drop this one here and see what you think.

      Had a little lucid dream last night in which a shadow being about the size of a 2 year old was beside me. The being was complete darkness, no facial or distinguishing featured but it emanated innocence and some fear, fear because it had seen me shove my hand into a solid objecet as a reality check. I tried to calm the shadowling I told him/her we were in a dream and asked it to float with me (in retrospect float with me sounds very It-ish). The shadowling scurried away along the couch and slid quickly underneath it.

      My little 2 year old nephew came over today. He was acting really weird, more giggly than usual. I chased him into the living room and he scampered along the couch and to the far end. "Bye-bye," he said, sat down, clamped onto the couch end and slid smoothly right underneath. It reminded me so much of the lucid dream that I was shocked and pleasantly surprised at the same time. I asked him if he'd done that before and he only giggled.

      Strange coincidence or something more?

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      I've had non-lucid dreams like that, and my mother has premonitory dreams all the time; I don't know if her dreams are lucid or not, but I don't think so.

      One dream I had was completely abstract to me, this was a few years ago: I was in some sort of office building, which was empty, and I was looking out the windows - the sky was dark but it was definitely day time; all of a sudden there was 20 story high wave of water and the weather got even worse; I remember that the wave did reach the building but I woke up. I don't remember how I felt about the dream, but I found out later there had been a tsunami in Japan while I slept.

      The same kind of dream I remember best that my mother had, was that she dreamed of her father passing away, about 6 months before it actually happened, so when the time came she already knew, even though at the time she had the dream, nobody knew that he had cancer.

      I am partly religious/spirutal, but partly not. I value the practical parts of reality more than the spiritual ones, but I don't disregard the fact that there may be more than meets the eye to reality. My question is, why would we be able to perceive any of it?

      Maybe there's no spiritual nothing and we're just extremely good guessing "machines", who knows for a fact?

      I do find this topic really interesting though.
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      Hi Methos

      Somtimes I watch these short
      "Ask a monk" youtubes

      Here he talks about a dream experience
      where he went about 5 minutes into the future
      in a dream.↙️



      It is (6:28) long and
      the interesting bit is ... at (2:49 to 3:40)

      (2:49) I was upstairs and floated downstairs
      And my younger brother was pouring a bowl of cerial.

      And I whatched him pour the bowl of cerial
      pour the milk into the cerial
      and then he was turning to put the cerial away
      or something like that
      put something away


      his elbow or the milk or something hit the bowl of cerial
      and knocked it on the floor
      and smashed the bowl to pieces with the cerial going everywhere.

      (3:17) And I saw this and after seeing this
      I floated back upstairs and back onto my head
      Back into my body

      And then I got up
      And, you know, was like, "wow, that was a bit weird".

      Then went down stairs
      and SAW my brother
      pour a bowl of cerial
      turn to put the cerial away
      Knock the bowl of cerial on the floor
      smashing it to pieces. (3:40)

      That sounds a bit like your experience Methos ⚘
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      I can't remember where, but I heard something recently that a machine was taught to predict the future by a couple of minutes. It had to do with cooking, the machine anticipating what the next action of the cook would be, or something along those lines. It sounded silly at the time but when you stop and think about it, if a machine can be taught to predict the future even in this little way, what might the vastly more complex machine, that is the brain, be capable of?

      Typically I don't subscribe to the paranormal type dreaming topics but I keep my mind a smidgen open because 'there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt f in our philosophies. - Shakespeare
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