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    Thread: Future Memory

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      Future Memory

      This morning I try to WILD, but got this memory-like dream instead.

      It felt more like memory than a dream.

      I was standing on top of some sculpture of art and thought that is finaly complete. It was like a 3d model of small town and park with different trees, a lake and roads that connected them. It was very detailed and structured. In that moment the phone rang, it was the head doctor of the nearby hospital unit telling me I had to come in immediately if I wanted to say goodbye to my girlfriend, because she did not have much time left. I flick with my fingers and directly teleport to her room. She looked at me with her tired eyes:

      she -I know that you will come to see me off.
      me -Of course, you are the dearest friend that I have now.(She was my best friend and lover)
      I sit over her bed and she touch my face with her warm hand.
      she -You look the same as the time we first met, you did't age one bit for these fifty years.
      me -And you look beautiful as always for 83 years old. You know, I'm finaly ready with the sculpture, in there I inscripted all the past and the future of mankind, with all the knowledge of how the humans to transcend beyond their physical bodies. I'm going to left him to them and when they are ready they will be able decrypt it. Soon I will also abandon this human body.
      She -I hope that one day you will find what you are looking for..... Her hand slip of my face as she passed away. A sharp pain strike at the location of where my heart was supposed to be, but no tears were coming from my eyes. As moving beyond this level, it seems I abonded all my humanity. I knew that, with just flick of my finger I could save her, but I choose not to. Is this was the price that I must pay for breaking the limits of human being? I teleported myself out of there.

      I felt somehow ill when wake up.
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      Man that was really deep and sad
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