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      Weird, scary and wonderful OBE

      Hey guys, wanted to share this trippy OBE that I thought was quite special to me.

      How it started

      Woke up naturally at 6:15am and went to sleep knowing I had about 45mins before I had to get up.

      Leaving the body

      As I'm lying in bed I decide to roll over to get more comfortable. Strangely I feel a very heavy lump on top of my bed. Usually this is the house cat but my door was closed all night so I'm confused as to how it got there. Feeling safe that it's just my cat I close my eyes and attempt to go back to sleep. I then feel and hear the cat jump onto my bed and it begins sitting on head. Laughing I say "Hello buddy, what are you doing?".

      Unknowingly none of this actually happened and I had already crossed into the OBE naturally.

      The bus ride

      I open my eyes to see what all the fuss is but to my surprise I'm not in my room anymore. I'm sitting on a bus. The bus is very old school and has a few passengers. We pass by a few places a recognize and I patiently wait, making the assumption that if I'm on a bus then I've probably got some good reason to be on it. Maybe I fell asleep on the bus.

      We begin passing through a tunnel and the windows go pitch black. Only the lights in the bus keep us illuminated. To my left are 2 women in different seats. I look over to them for a moment and as I do I notice something very peculiar begin to happen. The vertical bars put in place for standing passengers have started moving down the center of the bus and they're passing through the wall at the back of the bus.

      Convinced I must be going out of my mind I ask the other passengers if they can see what I'm seeing. They can't and insist to me nothing is wrong.

      Passing through the eye

      I feel so strange, out of place, alone and confused. I'm worried that I'm going out of my mind. I say out loud "It feels like I'm dead". Moments later a loud, deep and frightening voice booms through the bus "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO DIE"

      *All lights in the bus go out*

      Out of the darkness a new light fades into the center and I can hear the sound of wind whistling past me. I'm falling down what looks to be an elevator shaft. I fall for about 5 seconds convinced I'm going to die.



      I hit the ground and I'm back to darkness again. I'm scared but know I'm not dead, I'm beginning to understand that I'm just having an out of the body and this is all part of my experience. I open my eyes and i'm standing in a courtyard with buildings made of orange bricks, a main grassy area with park benches and what looks like about 5 different people walking around.

      I don't immediately notice that I'm not alone and I shout out "Woah, am I dead? Hah, I didn't die!" only to notice the people in front of me staring at me. I say "sorry, I'm new here" and laugh. They don't look impressed.

      I walk to two people at a park bench. They seem to be engaged in conversation but I choose to interrupt them. I say "Hey guys, is this heaven? I made it to heaven right". They don't seem to have an answer for me and barely acknowledge my existence. I wonder if perhaps they can't see me or maybe I'm just being socially challenged

      I choose to walk over to what looks like a bank teller who's sitting in a room with a glass window and what looks like a cash register in front of him. He's an older looking man in a suit. I say to him "Excuse me sir, where am I?" He looks right through me and offers very little assistance. I take a closer look at the machinery around him and notice all the writing on it is in English but I can't understand it.

      Defeated I move on.

      The helper

      I walk into one of the nearby buildings hoping to find more people. I'm pleasantly surprised to find a shop with all kinds of magical looking machines and trinkets around me. A man stands at the counter with a number of customers browsing his wares. I walk up to him and say "Excuse, where am I?". He replies that I'm in what I assume to be "Arkansas" (not sure if I heard him correctly). I say "Dam. You see, I'm from the other side of the world.". He says to me "Ohhhhh, you're stuck in time. Here, you'll need these" and rummages behind is counter for some items. He hands me a blue colored orb and something else which I can't remember how to describe.

      I'm not sure what to do with either of them but my attempts to talk to him stop working and I'm left alone to solve my problem. I look up at the ceiling and see one of the green orbs that was stuck to the ceiling. It drops onto the floor near my feet, stopping for a second and then rolling away as if under it's own steam.

      I finally understand. The orbs will lead you to where you need to go. I drop mine on the ground and follow it outside where I'm overcome by a bright light that wakes me up.

      Insane asylum

      I wake up in my own bed in a bright room, checking the clock. It's almost 7:00am but I have 10 minutes to rest my eyes so I go back to sleep, confident that I'll remember the whole experience and that I don't have enough time to actually go back there. I choose to rest on my side.

      In about 20 seconds I open my eyes again to astonishment. I'm lying on my back in my room and it's very dark. There's a glowing red light coming from behind my door and curtains. The walls all look wet and rotten, along with my blankets. On the ceiling are countless tally marks as if an insane person had been counting. The tally marks are glowing red like they were written in blood.

      I get out of the bed, pushing the blankets back and taking in my surroundings. I'm haunted by how gruesome it is there and I become worried that I would hope never to be trapped there. Scared I close my eyes and wait to wake up, refusing to open them.

      Finally I woke up and went and told the first person I could find who knows about dreams.
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