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    Thread: My take on Privacy from Astral Beings

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      My take on Privacy from Astral Beings

      Hi guys,

      At the time of this writing, I have not had many astral projections into the physical realm nor have I validated it to be different from lucid dreams. One of the biggest concerns for people everywhere, especially girls, is privacy. This becomes a bigger issue with astral travel. Only comfort some people may have is that "...maybe astral travel is not real and no one can spy on me?". I was like that too. I didn't want astral travel to be real until I lost my Kana. It's just like how some people don't want the concept of afterlife to be real because "ghosts" scare them until they loose a loved one.

      In our physical reality, people can't usually pass through walls or spy on others so easily. Such a thing is a huge invasion of privacy. I bet many hormone-fueled teens have had fantasies of becoming invisible so they can spy on people. I strongly believe everyone should respect each other's privacy.

      My Kana was a natural lucid dreamer as well as able to project astrally, but she was unable to project to the physical realm to validate it. It didn't bother me at all. However, my brother is also a natural lucid dreamer and can astral travel. He can project to physical realm almost half of the time. That's pretty good odds. That scared me. I have been always very intuitive. All those times I felt a presence may have been an astral being, whether a denizen of that realm or someone projecting and I felt helpless to defend against it. However, nowadays, I'm pretty chill about it. I know that my guides and Kana has my back. I don't have to worry about astral peeping toms when I'm showering, changing etc. To add to sense of safty I came up with my own triggers much like the ones in my lucid dreams. If saying out loud or your head something like "stablize" can have an effect... it may have similar effect in waking, right? If anything it will at least manifist more profoundly to the astral beings, right? I set out to experiment it with my brother's help. It's come to a point where I unconsciously just say "privacy" and "harmony" in waking and I instantly feel safe. My "harmony" trigger works so well in my lucid dreams and I feel like it even works well in waking reality as well. Power of intention is amazing, huh? ^^

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      Quote Originally Posted by lucidbunnie View Post
      I don't have to worry about astral peeping toms when I'm showering, changing etc.
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