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    Thread: Can a person recall a past life in a dream?

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      Can a person recall a past life in a dream?

      I wanted to know whether a person can recall a past life in a lucid dream? The reason I'm asking is that I read a book about past-lives and the author said one way a person can relive a past life is through lucid dreaming. You can also share any personal experiences with this.


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      I think that determining what is or isn't a past life is a very difficult problem. I've never seen evidence that the authors of such books have grappled with it to any serious extent, so I think they're mostly just making stuff up.

      I've dreamed in first person of events from other people's lives, and I've dreamed of future events and past events that I would otherwise have no direct knowledge of. So if I dream of what seems to be a past life, what would make it "my" past life? And how to I distinguish actual physically accurate events from symbolic projections of what may correctly sense to be my karma? Also, karma can be shared in some sense, and inherited, as part of our interrelationships with each other. So even if I dream of actual past events that I correctly identify as being connected to my destiny, it still doesn't follow that those are in some exclusive sense "my" memory.

      As an example, I once dreamed of being a German businessman, maybe a 100 years ago. I very vividly felt what it was like being that person. I'm sure there was something real about the experience, and that I'd almost certainly be wrong if I regarded it as a 'past life'. When other people have described their 'past lives' to me, the stories don't seem to me to be either logically consistent or historically plausible, even though I think its safe to assume that there is an element of truth in their descriptions.
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      I think its possible but a hard sell. Its just seems unusual so many people reporting these strange time altered vivid dreams they're someone else. I cant offer any good explanation why it happens but its like i woken up and screamed to self 'how the flying f*ck did my brain create this very detailed and mysterious narrative'.

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      Can definitely confirm that. My recall was in Persia, last century viz DJ. Have discussed this with a friend who works with past life regression and it does happen.

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