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    Thread: The Sleep Paralysis Entity

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      The Sleep Paralysis Entity

      A few months ago, I had a dream where I was sitting in a chair at a doctor's office, when I suddenly heard a voice whispering in my ear. I thought it was the doctor, that is until I woke up in sleep paralysis with the voice still whispering in my ear. At first I was absolutely petrified. Since I woke up on my side, I couldn't move and look in front of my bed, so the whole time I was thinking "this is either some evil entity, or a serial killer just broke into my house". I have never been more terrified in my life. I did snap out of it, and there was no one there, though. A couple weeks later, I woke up in sleep paralysis again, and heard the SAME voice whispering. At first I was scared, but then I became grossly intrigued. I wanted to know what this thing talking to me was, so I tried to talk to it. I vaguely remember the voice saying something, but I only remember it being non threatening. Since those two "encounters", I have really wondered about it. Is the voice even real? Is it friendly? Is it a dead family member? Who knows? I would like to see if anyone had a similar experience to me, and if the same soft male voice whispered in your ear.

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      I think all that matters here is what you believe the voice is. Whether it's internally or externally generated, your belief becomes reality. Honestly, does it actually even matter at all what the origin of the voice is? What does is its effect on you. How does this experience change how you perceive the world, dreaming, the paranormal, and reality? How do you desire for it to change those perceptions? Will this voice and its speaker change your life in positive way? Is it going to change you for the worse? Think on it, and decide. What does your decision reflect about you? How will you grow as a person?

      If you are afraid of the voice, it will likely continue to inspire fear. If you are open to it and the possibility it may be friendly or helpful, perhaps it could be. Maybe it will or can only be what you make of it.
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      I dont think its extremely unusual to hallucinate upon waking (ive heard similar experiences from friends) may sound inappropriate but if it's happening frequently (or your concerned its something paranormal) you could record yourself sleeping and see what happens.

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