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    Thread: precognitive dream

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      precognitive dream

      Where is everyone, does nobody dream any more? Even the dream interpretation forum is dead, even though when I search for dream interpretation forums, DreamViews still comes up second on the list.

      I had a precognitive dream yesterday, of the same type that I had five years ago when I was having them a couple of times a week. As before, the dream expresses an intuition having to do with a spiritual or philosophical question, and the precognition seems to be more of a side effect than the main force behind the dream. The dream uses image metaphors that are drawn from the future as much as from the past, as if both are equally present from the standpoint of identity where the dream comes from.

      As context before trying to explain the basic thrust of the dream, as I understood it....

      Our lives depend on a degree of cooperation within society. At the same time, there's competition - everyone exists in part because someone else isn't able to exist. Such competition exists between groups also. The tension between these two dynamics extends somewhat to spiritual matters: luck is trying to support us, and kill us at the same time. Its a subtle effect, in that the effects of the ill will that specific individuals bear towards us is mostly negligible, as far as I can tell. But the net psychic effect from the competition from a billion other people amounts to a kind of fateful pressure, or natural evil.

      Whenever a person has a notable degree of talent or intelligence in some area, it is both a blessing and a curse. It allows them to excel and grow in some way, but it also stunts their development in other ways. Too much moral awareness for example can result in excessive guilt. Too much empathy results in suffering. Is having a lot of empathy a good or a bad thing? It cuts both ways, and it depends to a large extent what you're able to do with it. Even having abnormally little empathy can be a gift if used well. For instance, a doctor who doesn't acutely feel the suffering of others can handle work that would wear down other people.

      In my dream, it seemed as if the circumstances that created my particular personality existed in part as a result of a sort of passive psychic assault from everybody else. I don't mean this in a paranoid sense - everyone is under this kind of pressure in different ways. The nature of this imbalance was expressed in terms of three sprinkler systems, one of which was putting out way too much water.

      After I awoke, I went outside in the yard to bury kitchen compost prior to leaving to catch my flight. When I went out I caught the last 5 seconds or so of the automated sprinkler system being on. One of the three had a hole in one of the lines, and a water jet. The dream wasn't even at my house, however, the position of that leak relative to the other sprinkler lines was the same as in the dream.

      If I'd never had such a dream before, I wouldn't consider this to be a definite precognition. After having had a 1000 of a similar type, I don't feel like re-litigating that though. The more interesting part is what the dream implies about fate. I'm sure my impression of that is skewed though, and I'd experience it differently if I understood more completely.
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      Very cool and clearly precog! I have had dreams that are precog, the most profound was the morning before the quake that collapsed the Oakland Bridge.
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