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      Dream or Beyond?

      So it has been a solid 10plus years since I experimented in the dream world. I am now starting to focus on meditation again for stress management and I wanted to get everyoneís impressions on an event that occurred to me when I was exploring meditation. Reason I mention the dream world is because I myself am not sure what happened and can only logically explain it as a meditation induced dream. Back then I was focusing more on mind than body. I would start meditating and focus on separating my mind from the physical self, basically trying to accomplish a feeling of weightlessness. During one of my sessions I was laying down flat on my back with my eyes closed at night meditating and I saw what I can only describe as a small white light in a distant of the darkness. I automatically started to focus on the white light and all of a sudden the white light came closer. As it came closer it turned into a long tunnel of light and I entered the tunnel. It was a short and fast flight and I came out of the opening at the end. The opening was what can only be described as a puddle. I flew out of this puddle and floated above it. I do not remember having any physical features so I cannot for certain say if I landed next the the puddle or just floated above because everything happened so fast. I began to look around. The sky was gray with no separation of clouds, just like one big gray sheet on a rainy day. There was no wind or rain. I looked at my surroundings and I was some sort of forest, the trees were all bare, no leaves just branches. I did not have a chance to look at the ground because everything happened so quickly. Almost immediately thatís when I saw IT or HIM. First feeling I got when I saw this being was the feeling you get when you get a fight or flight response, a sinking of the stomach, in this case it was flight. This being had no facial expression in terms of showing emotion. It looked like a 5 foot, middle built man in his 60s. Wearing a black jacket with pants, if I can give a brief description, he looked like an orchestra conductor that stands on a podium in front of the orchestra. Round head, balding, gray hair on the sides. Hereís the part why I can not distinguish between him or IT. It was the face, this being had a pale gray composure but it looked like the skin was made of wood. The eyes were just black holes that looked like they were punched through a hollow log. The nose also looked like a wooden branch that was snapped off and hollowed out on the inside. The moment I made eye contact with this being instantaneously it began literally pulling me towards itself into its pitch black sunken eyes. I was terrified, I felt I was in danger and I had to go. I felt that I did have control of my form in that realm and I remember pulling myself out of there immediately back through the puddle, back through the tunnel and I jumped up from my bed. Now I cannot say if I woke up or I just returned from somewhere because normally in dreams you awake the moment there is danger. I had to go through a whole process of actually pulling myself back. I cannot say for sure what happened that night what I can say is that I was afraid to go to sleep and stayed up all night. I still remember that experience like it was yesterday unlike other bad dreams thatís why I am unsure of what happened and before I start experimenting with meditation again I wanted to know your thoughts.

      Thank You

      P.S. It never happened again, and I never tried focusing on that same technique again to avoid a recurrence.
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