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    Thread: dream of foo fighters

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      dream of foo fighters

      Alright then, make of this what you will....

      This is a lucid dream. I see something in the sky. I feel a fascinated excitement, almost euporia, akin to the power-lust a technophile feels. That changes into terror. It isn't fear of the thing in the sky, as if its going to chase me or something. It is more what it portends.

      The feeling is not 'fear of the unknown'. It is as it becomes more concretely known that the fear intensifies. It feels like a premonition of an experience, with a much longer period of time compressed into a couple of seconds.

      If the object of fear seems strangely indifferent, maybe a part of the reason for that is its synthetic nature, and another part is it is not in a hurry because it can time travel, in some manner of speaking. We're coming to them as much as they're coming to us. ​

      This is a recurring dream, meaning that I've had it several times, in somewhat different forms. I can think of three off hand, the first almost 40 years ago.

      In the dream, not being captivated by either excitement or fear is key to not being drawn into it.

      The source of fear is not like a sci-fi robot apocalypse. It's weirder than that. It's not like an invasion of ghosts or horror movie demons or satanic witches either. It is foreign, but not foreign like from a distant planet, or a parallel world, or another plane of existence. It's foreign like a cartoon image appearing in a video recording, or a living piece of plastic. It's in some way more psychic than it is physical, but its not animal or animal spirit, or machine in any familiar sense. The experience is of something internal as much as external, as opposed to an internal reaction to something external. It's like the external image is merely a part of it.

      A sci-fi robot apocalypse is an extrapolation or projection of current technology. Terminator is a mechanical machine, with a computer brain. And a sci-fi alien invasion from space is, for the most part, very similar to what its like to be invaded by boats sailing across a large body of water. It's a story of the past more than of the future, because we don't know how to imagine the future. But this feeling I'm trying to describe is not like those other feelings. If it is an impression caused by a technology, it is much different than anything we have yet, as different as electronics is from horticulture.

      Nevertheless, for context, I'm more concerned about politics. It sees that human insanity is cycling more out into the open again, and nearly everyone is seeing evil outside of themselves and blind to it inside.
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