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    Thread: muses and astral bodies

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      muses and astral bodies

      Two thoughts on two largely unrelated topics:

      1. In past threads, some of us discussed why we experienced a severe drop-off in lucid and paranormal dream experiences about 8 years ago. This drop-off is reflected, among other ways, in the very low amount of traffic on this site compared to years past. I've floated various theories for why this has occurred, but here's a new one. There's a saying that "when the guns speak the muses are silent". The current war in Europe, which still has at least the potential of getting much worse, started 8 years ago. Maybe our muses, which from the beginning would have sensed where things are going, have to some degree departed from us because they have been more occupied with the war.

      One possible objection to this idea is that there are always wars. For instance, there was a really bad one in the Central African Republic a couple decades ago which most of us mostly ignored. I don't think this completely invalidates the idea though, since we're as individuals more directly connected to some parts of the world than others. Certainly I'm more emotionally connected to the current conflict than I was with past ones, except for maybe the second world war or the one in Bosnia in the late 90's.

      2. A characteristic of 'dark matter', as conceived of by physicists, is that it has mass but doesn't appear to interact electromagnetically with other matter. A characteristic of 'astral matter', as conceived of by mystics, is that it interacts with normal matter in a way that's at least somehow analogous to electromagnetic interaction, but it has little to no mass. In other words, something binds it to our physical bodies, but if the gravitational interaction were very strong someone would have been able to demonstrate that by now. I think that whatever 'force' binds the astral body to the physical body must affect the physical body in a way that would be physically measurable though, if a person knew how to distinguish that effect from other more concretely physical effects.
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      Dark matter is made of the theoretical weakly interactive massive particles (WIMPs). These particles are part of the physical world and provide the 'glue' that holds galaxies together as gravity alone is insufficient. At large hadron colliders, so far, dark matter remains undetected and this could be due to a number of things, the main one being that when the massive particles (which cannot be seen as there is no photonic emission) collide with already vibrating baryonic atoms, the change in the rate of vibration has proved too slight for detection thus far.

      I believe Robert Monroe first postulated that it might be possible to tap into 'dark matter worlds' that flow through our own baryonic matter world in his Journeys Out of the Body. This would imply that dualism is true and that we may be 'dark matter beings' inhabiting 'baryonic matter bodies' which we may exit when we have out-of-body experiences. Our WIMP bodies are what mystics refer to as 'astral bodies' which influence ordinary matter atoms by way of natural possession—thus we have absolute autonomy in the astral dimension where free will is most prominent. This, of course, leaves out vision during OOBEs. How can dark matter worlds' be seen without photonic emission? An answer to this is that the qualia of sight is only illusory and subjectively adaptive to respective perspectives, i.e., dark matter eyes can see dark matter worlds' with clarity. WIMPs are only invisible to ordinary matter bodies.
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      WIMPs would clump around normal matter via the gravitational force, hence the M in the acronym. The weak force doesn't provide any 'glue' at all, it's not an attractive force like that. So WIMPs don't work as astral matter, for the reason I mentioned. As massive as the WIMPs would be, the gravitational attraction would be way, way too weak to connect them in any way to our physical bodies. WIMPs have also fallen out of favor among physicists as a possible dark matter candidate for other reasons, though for that there's no strong evidence one way or the other.

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