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    Thread: Those experienced with persistent realms

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      Those experienced with persistent realms

      Hello, I just had one question on them. If your realm (dream world is made in your head) can you enter it with just the intention of going to it or do you have to be lucid and then go?

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      This depends on your definition of lucid. If you use the standard definition of being aware that a dream is a dream, then I’m never not lucid. If by lucid you mean something stronger, then no, for me it isn’t necessary to be lucid, suggesting to myself that I want to go to the persistent realm should be enough, assuming I’m sufficiently interested to be motivated to actually go. None of my persistent realms are intentionally created though. I dream about a place, and form a memory of it, then I dream about the same place again, sometimes years later. Some people might interpret these places as ‘past lives’ or ‘parallel worlds’, because they seem as real as anything else, but I don’t make those assumptions, and typically doubt them when other people make them.
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