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    Thread: My "other self" in the mirror

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      My "other self" in the mirror

      I discovered something very interesting in my lucid dreams.
      A lot of my dreams start with me sleeping in my room (in a kind of a WILD/OBE experience). In the dream, when I get out of bed, I go to the WC, look in the mirror and see my reflection (the "other self"). I notice that the movements are different from mine. Like it's someone else. I often try to talk to my reflection which responds, but most of the times I can't hear it or strange sounds come out. I've also tried to get inside the mirror to go to "the other side" but, whenever I start to go through the mirror, the dream starts to get dark. So one day I thought: why not ask my "other self" to help me get to the "other side"? And it works.
      I notice that my "other self" is always happy and ready to help. When I ask him to pull me to his side, he does it quickly and willingly. I stretch my arm against the mirror and he grabs my arm and pulls me towards him. I'm on the "other side". Anything I ask him to do (take me to see my/our deceased father, show me landscapes, give me tips on something, try to cure some pain, etc.), he always does the task with a smile.
      Very interesting. What does this mean? What part of me is that? I have to ask him one of these days.
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      Really amazing experience, it’s nice to have a DC especially in the face of oneself that is so helpful. This opens up a lot of place for exploration.
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      Yep. You can explore the many facets of yourself both lucid and non-lucid.

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      This is very interesting, I've never heard of something like this before. The most fascinating part about dreams, to me, is how little we know about them. Everyone seems to dream a little different, and learning about how people's dreams differ is very interesting. If you end up asking this "other self" any questions I'd be very interested to hear the answers!

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      I think the other self is your dream guide, especially since they are always being helpful. You should ask them if they are your dream guide. If they say they are then great! If they say they aren't you can ask them to become your dream guide and then their abilities will only grow!
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