Ok, so Wednesday afternoon, I was telling my friend about a strange "coincedental" dream that I had earlier this month. The dream involved him chasing an ex-girlfriend of his around a 3D maze, as she kept walking away from him, with another guy. About a week or two after that dream, he and the girl he was with ended up breaking up. It'd be a stretch to say the reason they broke up was over another guy, but that was a very Very small part of the equation. Again, their breaking up had nothing to do with me telling him the dream, because I didn't tell it to him until Wednesday.
Now, yesterday after telling him about the first "weird, precog-ish dream," I had these two dreams, one of them lucid:

Dream Journal excerpt:

Had a dream about having to spank Cierra because she did something completely screwed up, though I can't remember what it was. (I haven't spanked her in years, btw.) But as I was spanking her, and no matter how hard I did, all she'd do was laugh. I spent the rest of the dream trying to think of different ways to discipline her.

In the next dream Jason Voorhees shows up in Kellen's old house (back in Houston). Kept trying to kill me. I ended up getting away and outside. While running away from him, I realized I was dreaming. I tried to fly away but couldn't get any higher than about 15 feet in the air and then I kept sinking. I even crashed down through the branches of a tree, once and hit the ground.
I got up and kept running. Unfortunately I started thinking about how Jason usually shows up around corners and stuff, in the movies, in front of his victim. Sure enough, as soon as I turned the first corner, he was there, arms folded, leaning back against the wall like he was John Travolta or something. He sees me and stands up, beginning to walk in my direction. I'm like "fuck flying" and I just go over there and face him. He stabs at me and I caught the blade in my hand, laughing. Then, I just took it from him and started mutilating him with his own butcher's knife. Haha.

Woke up shortly afterward.
So, yesterday morning, I wake up, and I'm getting ready for work. Cierra's mom calls me. (Cierra lives with her mom now) and tells me that Cierra lied to her that morning and asked if I would kinda scold her a bit because she usually listens to me a little more. So I do. Thinking of it, only passively I'm like "wow, it's weird that Cierra hasn't been in trouble with me in a little while, and I have a dream about it last night, and here I am having to discipline her, this morning." I then thought nothing more of it and kept getting ready for work.

Then, I get another call from her mom. Apparently, the bus came early and Cierra missed it. Her mom doesn't have any transportation, and so I was going to have to come over, be late to work, and take Cierra to school. (Her new school, by the way.)

So, of course I'm a pretty annoyed that I'm going to have to be late to work, because I'm always late and I was doing really good about being on time, lately. Haha. Anyway, I go to pick her up, and I'm still thinking about the (only-slightly strange) relation between Cierra's being in trouble with me, and the dream I had, tripping about how I was just talking to my friend about precog-ish dreams, the day before. Then, just for the hell of it, I start trying to make an association between the Jason Voorhees dream and waking life, simply playing around with the idea of precognition, nothing more. But of course, I couldn't find Any association. I mean, it's a Friday the 13th dream. Why the hell would it relate to waking life? Right?

So I pick her up, and I take her to school. She's only been in school for 3 weeks now, and this was the first day I've actually seen it.

And then it hit me...I knew the name of it.

What was the name of the school, you ask???

Fuckin "Crystal Lake."

I suddenly remembered that, everytime I've heard that her school was called "Crystal Lake Elementary," I've always thought of the Friday the 13th movies, ever since we first enrolled her.

...Precog or not....That's Freaky Shit.