Alright some im reading alot of posts about peoples experiences on certain types of drugs. Even tho i do not approve of most of the drugs i want to hear your most messed up, enlightening, or spiritual experience on any type of drug. I will start.

MUSHROOMS: Ate only a gram, have taken up to 3.5 but these were good, 30 mins after eating them i got a panic attack and hyperventilated. While i was blacking out i went through the phases of a CRAZY w.i.l.d. At the time i did not know what that was so i thought i was dieing. When the vibrations hit i thought to myself im sieing, but it was a wierd peaceful thought, i didnt freak out. When everything went black i saw crazy colors swirling in front of my eyes. Then out of nowhere i hear my name far off in the distance. It got louder and louder. Then my vision came back but everything was blurry and i still heard my name. Eventually i woke up to my friend shaking me screaming an inch away from my face. I thought to myself i had just had the strangest dream ever. Then i realized i had just eaten the mushrooms and i was about to start tripping, i was sweating balls and sat infront of an air conditioner. After i cooled down i went into a different rooms, everybody there was tripping and no one wanted to be around me. One of my friends said that when he saw me pass out he started tripping balls.

So in this room i was in now the walls were white. The first visual of the night was pretty freaky. I was writing back and forth to this deaf guy ( in real life thatpart was not a visual ) then my mind made the walls full of hundreds of jesus' fishes with eye balls in them and they were all starring at me. The conversation with the guy was really wierd, i found out he used to live right by me and a lot of things i would never of guessed. This whole time i was paranoid as fuck, i dont know if anyone has ever been paranoid on shrooms but it is not fun. After awhile I wanted to go home but i couldnt drive. My friend was supposed to come with me but i think he was still freaked out about what had happened so i had my other friends drive me home. When i got home i had an amazing trip. I was still paranoid but i thought to myself if i didnt die before i most likely wouldnt if it happened again. So i laid in bed tripping balls wiht crazy thoughts going through my head. At one point i was so scared to get up and go to the bathroom i pee'd in a soda bottle...haha

I woke up the next morning thanking god i was still alive and all was well. To this day i have not touched shrooms and dont think i will again, Not because im scared but because i think i saw enough.

Any others with entertaining tripping stories?