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      Have you ever had that feeling when you go somewhere that you've NEVER been to before in your life, which looks different enough to not look similar than anywhere else you've been... yet you swear that you've been there before.
      This has happened to me a couple of times. Usually I have a dream and the events in the dream have nothing to do with real life, yet I go into a building in the dream and see said building which I've never seen before. I then wake up, and a few weeks/months later, I see the building in the street from the exact same angle I see it in the dream, and I've never been ther before (well, except in my dream).
      The sensations of De ja vu make me freeze to the spot.

      Has anyone else had this happen?
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      This really reminds me of the opposite of deja vu - jamais vu.

      Pretty much that awkward feeling you are describing when you go somewhere that could be a place you frequent or just a similar place but you feel like you have no familiarity or notion of where you are, etc. Sometimes people just think it is a form of forgetting something.

      Try googling it.


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      to state my thoughts simply, i think dream visions are just as real as precognition, waking visions, and basically all psychic abilities. except in dream visions you are more "there", in that your dream body is actually in the vision, versus a waking vision when you just see things.

      i myself am an empath, and avid dreamer, so i can relate to psychic experiences; as well as experiencing Reiki and an OBE first-hand so i do believe in metaphysics.

      but since your dreams seem to foreshadow future events, you could keep remembering them/writting them down, and if they are more right than random, i'd say you could trust them. if not, keep an open mind to the places your at, because someday it might come in handy. if you believe in the spiritual part of dreaming, then by all means be open to your dreams.


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