Last weekend I tried ether for the first time in months. It refreshed my memory of how strange it truely is, and how twisted its effects can be.

The effects are difficult to explain. First off, its not some junk inhalent you find in your house. It was used in the 1800's as an anesthetic, when its use was stopped due to health issues, and harsh taste.

Visually, it causes cartoon-like vision and a couple of times objects in my room would be thrown around, or shake rapidly. They were all hullcinations of course, but it had a supreme realness to it, so real I didn't know if it was really happening. I find the effects very different when I'm alone. Several times I have zoned out on the drug, finding myself in strange, abstract hullcinatory worlds. These "ether flashs" as I call them, also induced most of the time (it seemed to get worse the more I did it) horrible pain, not an actual physical pain, but so strong mentally it felt almost physical, in a sense. The first time I experianced this there was no negative effects. I simply zoned out into an endless white space, inhabited by ha eemed to be small,glowing neon colored entitys, making strange high pitched shrieks, throwng something back and forth (I think, my memory is not that clear of this). I remembered waking up and feeling like I was supposed to catch something they threw up into the air, so I ran to the other side of my room, closed my eyes, and caught what I think was a vanilla sundea. I found nothing meaningful from the experiance, just strange.

The next time it happened I zoned out into a plain of squares, which were sliding around like a machine. Only half of my vision was in the hullcination, and I felt like I was being slid forward, ripping me strait in half. I snapped out before it could happen completely.

I started doing it alone for about a month, confining myself to the basement and doing ether in the closet. Ether is extremely addictive. When I see people doing ether they fight over rags, who gets to hit it, and so on. I quit doing it because the mental pain I was experiancing persisted after I even did it, for days. I also wasn't able to function at all. It was easy to stop doing it. I realized that Ether had no real meaningful use. It did have psychic effects, and one day I may be able to find a use for it.

The actual experiance that made me stop was a very scary ether flash. I was doing it with some friends on a hill at the park. I did rag after rag after rag, but I wasn't getting satisfied. I don't know why I didn't feel the effects that well, but before I knew it my vision closed inwards until there was one hole of vision. My friend said something that seemed to set off the flash, but I can't recall was it was. Next thing I knew myody was twisting backwards, along with my friends. I turned my head and saw my finger bend back, and then snap off. I remember thinking that it actualy happened, that Ether had physically manifested the mental pain unto me and my friends. I got up and ran about twenty feet. "Holy fuck! My fucking fingers", Iyelled. I looked at my hands and they were fine. My strange d I couldn't imagine what the fuck these ether flashes do to you. I knew it couldn't be good. Death seemed possible in these flashes. After that I quit doing it, but never considered stopping it for the rest of my life. The effects are toincredible.

As Hunter S. Thompson called it, it really is Devil's Ether.