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      So I cleaned out under my bed today while looking for a missing game cartridge, and come across a collection of polished stones, each with a name tag. It was in the storage crate that is under the head of the bed. I took it out, and noticed that it came with a pamphlet that lists the origin and "powers" of each stone. Powers. Heh. I read them, and apparently I have a wide range of 'crystal effects' affecting me at night.

      Healing, mental powers, dreams, love, clairvoyance, anger, peace, calm, spiritual powers, relaxation, unity, intelligence, longevity, courage, and a bunch of other warm-and-fuzzy buzz words. I began laughing hysterically, and pushed the case back under my bed (but not before taking one last look at a beautiful green stripe in some fluorite).

      For whatever reason, some people believe that just because crystals can refract light, they can refract other "spiritual" types of energy as well. Whatever. I hate pseudosciences like this. But it was an expensive gift, probably. So flatter me.

      Tell me, should I be mixing my purple amethyst with my green fluorite (along with 23 other stones)? And what should I do with my perfectly cleaved quartz? Does the plastic casing affect their strength? And, half-seriously, which crystals do you think propagate the best effects on dreaming?

      As a side note, I think that this stuff (crystalology, or however you call it) is bogus. Of course, coming from one who loves the geometry and geography involved with minerals, I think it would be interesting to learn what the 'experts' have to say on the non-scientific side of the subject.

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      Serious, and Easy to Grasp

      We will talk only science here: maybe it will lead to something.
      Radio waves and similar waves exist. TRUE. Crystals make good modulators for some waves, either focusing or conducting, because the structure of crystals is uniform and angled in specific shapes. If a wave that humans can feel or see reacts with a various types of crystal it will be effected diferantly by each.TRUE Waves certainly exist that you need a device to measure. TRUE If a energy wave where passed through a crystal it may create a change in the energy as it is precieved by man.TRUE Some humans are more sensitive to certain energy waves than others, as a blind human has less awareness of reflected sun rays.

      POINT: If we say something MIGHT exist that humans can create, like an electromagnetic feild, as it moved through atype of crystal it MIGHT be modified.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Abra View Post
      For whatever reason, some people believe that just because crystals can refract light, they can refract other "spiritual" types of energy as well. Whatever. I hate pseudosciences like this. But it was an expensive gift, probably. So flatter me.
      You know a tuning fork? Hit it and hold it close to a string, and the other string vibrates to? Even when not touching each other, like a violin in the corner of room, when one string is vibrated; a violin in the opposite corner will vibrate too, same string..

      Say some really dense old types of stone, gave of a certain vibration, only smaller scale?

      Say our energy centres/hubs also vibrate at that level..

      When used right, with correctly made stones.. (Active 'clean' ones.) And with say a inactive energy hub, not vibrating.
      Then the stone, or even the presence of another human being whose is not inactive, could jump start the inactivity, ... in the other! (?)

      Maybe even rais it, lower it.. ..just keep it active when present, ..activate it for ever! And so on..

      I would like to think of the possibility, but I have never gotten this "idea" confirmed by science..
      At least not yet.
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      Scientifically, they do refract light. I would imagine (I don't know for certain though) that they have an effect on vibrations or soundwaves and the like.

      If emotions, or whatever "spiritual" energies you're talking about, vibrate or are in wave form (as I'm sure they are) then it makes sense that the crystals would refract them, or multiply them, or whatever.

      Use the almighty god of everything: google.
      Google will tell you what properties which crystals have, and the best ways to use them. So, for a lark, why not google around and put your crystals to the test. The worst that can happen is....nothing.
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