I had the coolest OBE ever.
I was laying on the couch and dozed off to sleep. I kept waking up and thought i was really awake, so the second time it happened i was so excited that i was having a lucid dream/OBE that i did a flip, but first i hovered off the ground and then flipped, it was cool!
Then i thought to myself, ok i'm going to go through to the next room..and just like that i was being pulled backwards into the door, once i passed through the door itself there was a heavy static feeling that went all through my body, it felt like a tingling sensation but there was a denseness to it....hard to explain....a spirit is a complex thing
This was the realest feeling i have ever felt, i saw everything as it was happening to me.
After passing through the door, i wanted to go up near the ceiling, so all the sudden i went up through the ceiling!! and again that static feeling was all i felt, as i passed through each piece of wood of the roof.
I made myself go way up above my house and looked at the whole neighborhood. The feeling of going way up then falling is very exciting.
After all this was going on i heard a low deep voice in my ear. I never really understood what he was saying but it was an entities voice.
Maybe an astral entity ?