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      Dreams of seeing and interacting with your future self

      Not too long ago I had a set of dreams that really have got me thinking. I'll get right into it from the title.
      I had a few dreams of seeing and talking with my future self. Here's the first one. I see myself about ten years older standing in the grass by a parking lot. I'm taller and have short hair.(it's long right now)
      I'm with a girl and i'm very angry and desperate for a towel because i'm wet and need food. I seem to be poor. My older self is heading right towards a tiny store and his(my) intention was to steal supplies and a towel. I walked up to myself and begged him not to do it or anything stupid, saying your so much better than this! what are you doing?! here's my I.D. it's you from the past, see! you can't do this you're throwing your life away! As I was just upset as he was he was telling me he knew all that and he was trying very hard to hold back, you could see the struggle and desperation in my eyes. As my present self was very sad about what I was seeing. After that I seemed to have stopped myself and he took me on a little journey of what life would be like if i keep going the way I am.
      The 2nd dream:
      I meet another possible future self that is embarrassingly overweight and i asked what he did to get where he is. His reply.."They gave me a lot eat." So me being my skinny self was following him around everywhere enjoying being who i am, jumping verry high.. like 4 feet (: He told me being fat makes you more fun and he slid on his belly down a hill of mud. I don't like either of these future selves. I'm taking it as a wake up call to somewhat change.

      Any relations or comments?
      Any relations or comments?

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      Yeah, I agree, it could be a wake up call. Is there anything you're doing in your life now that could lead to either of these future selves? They both sound food related.

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