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    Mindscape of Xaqaria

    Must write dream journal................

    1. 20 Day Dream Journal Challenge

      by , 10-17-2010 at 06:55 PM (Mindscape of Xaqaria)
      Today, I am going to start a 20-day dream Journal challenge in order to motivate myself to write down my dreams, and therefore remember them more so I can start getting lucid more frequently. Every day I will try to write at least one entry in my journal, even if all I have to write is, "I can't remember my dreams".

      +1 point for every Dream Journal Entry, even if all it is, is "I don't remember any dreams from last night"

      -3 points if no entries are made on any day.

      You can write as many entries as you want to build up points, but if you can't remember any dreams, you can only write just that one.

      Very simple! And this is a game you can play solitaire; just compare this 20-day score with your last 20-day score.

      So, Day 1;
      I can't remember any of my dreams from last night.